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  • Complete Walker IV

    The Complete Walker IV


    For the first time since 1984, we have a new edition of the classic book that Field & Stream called “the Hiker’s Bible.” For this version, the celebrated writer and hiker Colin Fletcher has taken on a coauthor, Chip Rawlins, himself an avid outdoorsman and a poet from Wyoming. Together, they have made this fourth edition of The Complete Walker the most informative, entertaining, and thorough version yet.The eighteen years since the publication of The Complete Walker III have seen revolutionar…

  • Kingdom Come

    Thy Kingdom Come


    This is a true story, a once upon a time between a woman, a puma, and a unique in the world country, Costa Rica. The woman of courageous beauty, the puma from death’s door, the jungle paradox that brought the two together. A story of courage, taking down poachers, adversaries and government. Walk with her through every jungle, see eye to eye with the wilds. Feel the emotional beats of both her heart and the animals. The steps that were taken to bring justice back for the wild animals of the …


    Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?


    A “stay-at-home” server: you know it’s the right thing for your family. But how do you explain this wonderful choice to your children? Finally, there’s a book that talks about the home server using small words and fun pictures, perfect for kids. Written by Tom O’Connor and lovingly illustrated by Jill Dublin, this is a book you and your family will want to read over and over again.

  • Home: A Short History of Private Life

    At Home: A Short History of Private Life


    From one of the most beloved authors of our  time—a fascinating excursion into the history behind the place we call home. “Houses aren’t refuges from history. They are where history ends up.”  Bill Bryson and his family live in a Victorian parsonage in a part of England where nothing of any great significance has happened since the Romans decamped. Yet one day, he began to consider how very little he knew about the ordinary things of life as he found it in that comfortable home. To remedy thi…

  •'s Home

    Alfie’s Home


    Book by Cohen, Richard A.

  • Dots and Boxes Game: Sophisticated Child's Play

    The Dots and Boxes Game: Sophisticated Child’s Play


    The game of Dots-and-Boxes, the popular game in which two players take turns connecting an array of dots to form squares, or “boxes” has long been considered merely a child’s game. In this book, however, the author reveals the surprising complexity of the game, along with advanced strategies that will allow the reader to win at any level of gameplay desired. This book is an essential guide to the game of Dots-and-Boxes and its mathematical underpinnings. Chapters of strategy are interspersed …

  • Invisible Fist: Secret Ninja Methods of Vanishing Without a Trace

    The Invisible Fist: Secret Ninja Methods of Vanishing Without a Trace


    Book by Kim, Ashida

  • ABCs of Reloading: The Definitive Guide for Novice to Expert

    The ABCs of Reloading: The Definitive Guide for Novice to Expert


    A step-by-step guide to reloading rifle and handgun cartridges and shotshells!In these days of widespread ammunition shortages, it pays–literally–to know how to “roll your own” cartridges. But don’t think it’s some kind of rocket science. Let The ABCs of Reloading show you how! With the help of The ABCs of Reloading, you’ll be reloading your own cartridges–and saving big bucks–faster than you ever thought possible.It’s all here!Step-by-step procedures for reloading rifle, handgun and shot…