the Plains (World of Myth) (Volume 1)

Beyond the Plains (World of Myth) (Volume 1)


For sixteen years, Emily Stout has known a simple, yet harsh, life on the Great Plains—farming the land, avoiding thunderbirds and banshees, dealing with minotaurs and gnomes—but she dreams of more. She longs to wander the plains as a gunslinger, serve the angels as a knight, or anything else that could break her free of her trapped existence. Then, in a moment of desperation, Emily’s mother reveals a secret, one that will change everything for her, give her the chance to explore her world, …

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3 years ago, I promised to give away my entire 6-book fantasy series for free. Today I’m here to deliver (links in comments).(r/pics)

So I actually tried to submit this story before, but the post was removed because one of the pictures violated a rule. I’m back with an updated album to deliver as promised.

The entire series can be downloaded for free as a PDF from Google Drive or in all other electronic formats from Smashwords. The Smashwords link is actually name-your-own-price, so just enter $0 to get it for free.

The books’ full description –

> In a world filled with dangerous creatures of terrifying power, a courageous girl will grow from a naïve farmer’s daughter into a legendary warrior the likes of which her world has never known.

> Emily’s Saga follows the trials and tribulations of young Emily Stout from her humble beginnings in the depths of poverty to her rise in prowess under an angel’s shadow. Forging her own destiny, Emily’s ambition will change the course of history through her perilous gamble to slay an immortal, her daring attempt to turn the tides of a centuries-long war, and her decision to oppose the monsters that wish to enslave her world. All the while, she finds love and betrayal, kindness and cruelty, and struggles to avoid becoming as twisted as those she hunts in her quest for vengeance.

> A heroine for the ages, Emily will decide not only her own fate, but that of her world.3

Don’t want to take my word for it? Check out what others have said over at Goodreads (150+ ratings, 4-star average) and/or Amazon (20+ reviews, 4.3-star average).

Thanks again!

EDIT: I’m getting some PM’s and replies asking for a paypal account to accept donations. I didn’t have one before but found it was pretty easy to setup, so if you’d like to encourage me to continue the series through means other than directly purchasing my books, I’ve set up a paypal here. Thank you to everyone!

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Beyond the Plains (World of Myth) (Volume 1)

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3 years ago, I promised to give away my entire 6-book fantasy series for free. Today I’m here to deliver (links in comments).

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