of Erotic Fantasy (D20)

Book of Erotic Fantasy (D20)


Love and battle are both intimate acts, both done in heat and sweat with the soun dof cries echoing in your ears, and really – who is to say which is the more dangerous? — The Paladin Valeria For decades in the gaming world, the subject of this product has been the source of much debate and speculation. Now you hold in your hands a 192 page, full color book that will finally address the issues of sex, love, seduction, marriage and pregnancy for the OGL system. This book contains over 2…

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redpiller scolds gf for swearing in public, men look at him with smiles on their face. Wonder why it’s raining $100 notes in here….(r/thatHappened)

Your barbarous orc Grognak stumbles into the famed Wizard’s College of Neu Jerzzie, falchion raised high in preparation to smite the fragile human wizards and plunder their magical treasure. But alas, you are caught off guard upon realizing that the wizards occupying the entryway are actually babealicious Witches.

“Hail, stranger.” One says, sauntering over to you, her bosom spilling over her Corset of Dire Witchcraft as she admires your veiny green… muscles. “Don’t get many of your type around here.” How do you respond?

Grognak gazes in confusion, slowly lowering his mighty blade and raising his heavy orcish brow. “Grognak thought this… wizard tower.”

“Oh it is, sweetheart.” The other witch would say, moving to flank while grappling your other meaty arm. “This is the wizard college, and you’ve found the sorority house. Or should I say, sorcerority?” She’d say, giggling behind her hand. Her owl familiar perched upon her shoulder would roll its eyes.

“Hm… Grognak not know your names… can I call you mine?” He would say, waggling his unkempt eyebrows.

Roll Diplomacy.

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Despite your awful Charisma, investing no ranks in it, and not having it as a class skill, you rolled a 19 on the die for a total of 17 (from that -2 cha you dumped), which is enough to turn the Witches from Friendly to… Helpful.

The witches would giggle and blush, while their familiars respectively shake their heads and sigh.

Now it’s time to break out … the Book of Erotic Fantasy:…

Ooh, now we’re talking. Grognak would put on his robe and wizard hat, and prepare the make some magic happen.

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Book of Erotic Fantasy (D20)

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redpiller scolds gf for swearing in public, men look at him with smiles on their face. Wonder why it’s raining $100 notes in here….

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