's Club #1

Boy’s Club #1


Boy’s Club is the debut comic by smokin’ hot newcomer Matt Furie, featuring teenage monsters Andy, Brett, Landwolf, and Pepe who are always “drinkin’, stinkin’ and never thinkin’.” We join these four best friends in their day- to- day lives together as they play Nintendo, eat pizza, and have an occasional psychedelic metamorphosis. Filled with stories about friendship, kiwis, and video games, Boy’s Club will make you want to dig out your Air Force Ones and rejoice! This hilarious and wildly p…

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Time to Face It: Trump Really Could Win This(r/politics)

> If the kitchen sink hasn’t killed off Trump, what else is there?

> The Clinton campaign has already used his greatest hits of most offensive statements in countless TV ads. I was appalled that Trump mocked a disabled reporter, but even I am sick of seeing the clip every other time I turn on the TV. If none of this has sunk Trump and the race gets even closer, what’s left that is going to have a new and different shock value?

I seem to remember saying a while back that the Dems and their Media cronies blew their load way too early. Just shortly after the conventions.

List the things that the Media and Trumps opponents have said about him for MONTHS.

  • He’s a liar
  • He’s sexist
  • He’s racist
  • He’s literally Hitler
  • He’s an Islamophobe
  • He’s a Russian sympathizer/plant
  • He’s a scam artist
  • He rips people off
  • He’s terrible at businesses, he even went bankrupt before!
  • He’s a rapist
  • Very smart people are talking about maybe Trump donates to NAMBLA
  • He hates Gold Star families
  • He’s a hypocrite because his wife is illegal (fun fact, NYPost had the year wrong, whoops)

I’m sure I left a LOT off. These are things that have been thrown at him for MONTHS. They’ve lost their impact, much like the old “The Boy who cried Wolf” tale.

So now he just has to keep up his high energy, keep reaching out to people, scoring those key jabs at his opponent, and keep Clinton’s ever revealing closet of skeletons in the spotlight as they come out.

THIS IS WHY WIKILEAKS DOESN’T DROP EVERYTHING THEY HAVE ALL AT ONCE. They piecemeal it out. Allow people to digest the information. To think about it. About the implications. Then BOOM. Another layer to the puzzle is dropped.

The media? They shoot their load as soon as they have something, even before they can verify it. There is no journalism now. Just gossip.

What does the Clinton campaign have to use now? An article from a publication that got trolled into thinking Pepe is a white nationalist icon? Seriously? Going after a character from Boy’s Club?

Clinton’s campaign fell into the trap the GOP did. They allowed Trump to be the focus. Go look at Clinton’s website. You have a fucking pop up saying that a Trump presidency cannot be allowed, with only one button: “I agree”. As Trump supporters would say, living in their heads rent free.

To those who say he’s inexperienced, I say this: The man listens. And learns. He knew how to play the media and the politicians. I mean, he killed JEB!s campaign with two words. Low Energy. Four less than the Doctor used to topple Prime Minister Jones. He got Lyin’ Ted to stick when he plays fast and loose with the facts himself. And he somehow managed to get Liddle Macro to get liberals everywhere obsessed with Trumps penis. To be fair, that might have just been a happy liddle accident.

And then he was faced with one of the most corrupt politicians in recent memory. Wat to do? Bait the media into throwing EVERYTHING they have early. Weather the storm. Which he did. As politico here says, what’s left to use? Now that Trump’s been called everything under the sun, all that’s left is to bring down his opponent. Clinton was the ideal opponent. Lots of baggage, just waiting to be unearthed. And he doesn’t have to lift a finger to do it. Just keep the details active in the news, while keeping his own exposure up.

Should he win, this is all I would say to the man

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