Breaks Over Dharamsala: A Memoir of Life Lost and Found

Day Breaks Over Dharamsala: A Memoir of Life Lost and Found


Day Breaks Over Dharamsala is an intimate, insightful and inspiring journey through the landscape of the mind as well as the landscape of northern India. Along the way, this book is funny, wise, helpless, and triumphant, a testament to spirit, to India, to taxi drivers, and to that which gets us there on time when we have no idea where we are going. The trip begins in Delhi, in 2004, and winds its way through a month-long pilgrimage through Tibetan India as well as through a life-long search …

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[AMA Request] A participant in Project MKUltra(r/IAmA)

I also recommend Wetmore’s book. I am a survivor of related human experimentation programs and operations, initially run under the umbrella of Artichoke, and another that has not been documented except through survivor testimony. I have considered doing an AMA, but will wait until after I’ve published my memoir.

There is a great deal of disinformation online about MKUltra, its sub-projects and related programs. For those of you looking for good sources on this topic, I recommend the following. Heavily resourced primer:…

Nautilus book award winning survivor account:…

For those in wholly unfamiliar territory, I recommend Walter Bowart’s Operation Mind Control over Marks’ The Search for The Manchurian Candidate, as the latter is more of a limited hangout. A recent book that documents much of the history of the programs is A Terrible Mistake, by Hank Albarelli.

The testimony of these survivors at the Human Radiation Committee Congressional hearings in the 1990’s is quite chilling:

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Day Breaks Over Dharamsala: A Memoir of Life Lost and Found

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[AMA Request] A participant in Project MKUltra

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