C Programming: Deep C Secrets

Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets


This book is for the knowledgeable C programmer, this is a second book that gives the C programmers advanced tips and tricks. This book will help the C programmer reach new heights as a professional. Organized to make it easy for the reader to scan to sections that are relevant to their immediate needs.

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Admitting Defeat On K&R in “Learn C The Hard Way”(r/programming)

I read an interview a long time ago where one of the K&R guys said something to the effect of “Yeah, we got some of the operator precedence rules wrong. We noticed it after awhile but we didn’t change it because by that time there were hundreds of kilobytes of code written in C and it didn’t seem fair to change it.”

I don’t remember where I read that; it might have been in this book. Incidentally the fish on the cover is a coelacanth, pronounced “C-le-kanth” and it remained undiscovered until the 20th century, making it a “Deep C secret”. I love the double pun and the book was quite good.

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Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets

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Admitting Defeat On K&R in “Learn C The Hard Way”

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