Man: Crash

Iron Man: Crash


. “The First Computer Generated Graphic Novel!” Guest-starring Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE – where reclusive technocrat Anthony Stark is selling his greatest creation, the SOMATIC COMBAT VEHICLE – last word in cybernetic weaponry and artificial intelligence, and ultimate version of the incredible armor which once made Stark the super hero IRON MAN. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE – where the undercover power struggle known as the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY WARS threatens to erupt into …

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(NSFW) Spotted an old Macintosh SE for cheap on Craigslist, picked it up, found an NSFW surprise(r/pics)

I know Mike Saenz. The guy who created this.

He worked for me as a contractor at Apple for a half year or so. He also did the original IronMan high gloss/book like comic back in the mid 80’s. (…) He was, for a while, Mac-famous.

That MacPlaymate hypercard stack was designed to make some fast cash with something simple that was ‘a repetitive motion’ (his phrase). Obviously, sex was the most obvious (and profitable) thing to do. He eventually regretted doing it (it’s largely what he was known for outside of the ironman book).

I don’t know what happened to him though. He left silicon valley and moved back to Chicago in the late 80’s/early 90’s and didn’t do much in my (high tech) world, that I’m aware of, again.

More on him here:

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Iron Man: Crash

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(NSFW) Spotted an old Macintosh SE for cheap on Craigslist, picked it up, found an NSFW surprise

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