Judo: History, Theory, Practice


Authors Vladimir Putin, Vasily Shestakov, and Alexy Levitsky give a complete history of judo, from its origins in Japanese jujitsu through its development into an Olympic sport, including Russia’s contributions to the art. The rules and basic concepts are covered, followed by detailed instruction in break-falling, throwing techniques, and ground grappling. Judo theory is examined, and key practice points are presented, as well as strategies for the beginner and an exploration of kuzushi, Judo…

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Who would win if every country sent their leader to fight to death?(r/AskReddit)

Not only is he a black belt, he is a very good black belt. In judo, a black belt signifies that you have learned all the techniques. Putin is much higher than that, showing that he has a very strong proficiency with them as well.

He has his own signature move.

Edit: for those wondering, his signature move is the Haraigoshi.

Also, here’s a book he wrote on judo

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Who would win if every country sent their leader to fight to death?

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