You Can't Use: Patents

Math You Can’t Use: Patents, Copyright, and Software


This lively and innovative book is about computer code and the legal controls and restrictions on those who write it. The widespread use of personal computers and the Internet have made it possible to release new data or tools instantaneously to virtually the entire world. However, while the digital revolution allows quick and extensive use of these intellectual properties, it also means that their developers face new challenges in retaining their rights as creators. Drawing on a host of …

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A one-line software patent(r/programming)

Ben Klemens wrote an interesting book titled Math You Can’t Use. It details a lot about what’s wrong with the patent system. My favorite example from his book is the patented popup:

function onExit() {     popup ="pop.html", "Don't go!");     popup.focus(); } 

If you use that (or anything similar), you can get sued for infringing a patent that doesn’t expire until 2018.

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Math You Can’t Use: Patents, Copyright, and Software

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A one-line software patent

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