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Pictures by Jeff Bridges


For more than twenty years, on dozens of film sets, Bridges has perfected his own photography, shooting between takes and behind-the-scenes with a Widelux F8 camera. This fascinating, surprisingly candid body of work began as a personal project, as he recorded the arduous, emotionally intense, evanescent work of the film shoot in books that were privately printed and given as gifts to cast and crew. These are not traditional “Hollywood” pictures, but rather—despite the costumes and lighting, …

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Here is a much higher resolution version of this image.

Since the 1980s, Jeff Bridges has been taking set shots and behind-the-scene photos from all his films with his unique panoramic Widelux camera. Here is a gallery of them.

Bridges is actually quite renowned for his work with the Widelux, and has published a book of his on-set photography titled Pictures, the proceeds from which he donates to charity to end hunger.

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Pictures by Jeff Bridges

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