and Morty Volume 1 (Rick & Morty Tp)

Rick and Morty Volume 1 (Rick & Morty Tp)


“Rick and Morty is fun and hilarious and all those things that you really want from a comic…” – NewsaramaThe hit comic book series based on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s hilarious [adult swim] animated show RICK & MORTY is now available in its first collection! Join the excitement as depraved genius Rick Sanchez embarks on insane adventures with his awkward grandson Morty across the universe and across time. Caught in the crossfire are his teenage granddaughter Summer, his veterinary surg…

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So this is whats happening to Rick during the hiatus(r/rickandmorty)

It’s from the comics. You can read them here.

It’s on google drive, so there shouldn’t be any issues for anybody. The typical websites that host the comics are usually unsafe places to be browsing. But now that most of it is on my google drive, it’s way safer.

They put a lot of work into these things, so I also suggest getting physical copies of the comic to support them.

And for anybody who has to get shit done today, be warned. It can easily take 3 hours or so to read through them all. I take no responsibility if you binge read them when you’ve got shit to do.

It has now been updated to include issues 16-19

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Rick and Morty Volume 1 (Rick & Morty Tp)

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So this is whats happening to Rick during the hiatus

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