Atlas of Middle-Earth (Revised Edition)

The Atlas of Middle-Earth (Revised Edition)


Karen Wynn Fonstad’s THE ATLAS OF MIDDLE-EARTH is an essential volume that will enchant all Tolkien fans. Here is the definitive guide to the geography of Middle-earth, from its founding in the Elder Days through the Third Age, including the journeys of Bilbo, Frodo, and the Fellowship of the Ring. Authentic and updated — nearly one third of the maps are new, and the text is fully revised — the atlas illuminates the enchanted world created in THE SILMARILLION, THE HOBBIT, and THE LORD OF TH…

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Any decent maps of Middle Earth in the First Age?(r/tolkienfans)

Check out the Atlas of Middle-Earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad! It’s Tolkien Estate-approved and is absolutely fantastic. Besides maps, there’s routes of journeys, battle formations, thematic maps and demographic information. It’s one of my favourite book investments of all time.

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Karen Wynn Fonstad

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The Atlas of Middle-Earth (Revised Edition)

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Any decent maps of Middle Earth in the First Age?

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