Will to Keep Winning

The Will to Keep Winning


“No matter what your life plan is, no matter what your project, a close reading of the life and thoughts of Daigo will give you deep insight into how to be successful and help you reach your goals.”—Frank Lantz, Director, NYU Game Center”When Daigo wins, he does not simply elevate his own status, he elevates the entire genre alongside him. Through his play, and through his approach to life, Daigo changes the way people think about the game, and inspires even his enemies to new heights. This i…

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Guy in r/streetfighter posts a combo he pulled off, gets outed as a ragequitter and pretends he doesn’t suck(r/Kappa)

Hey man, gonna give some real talk here. That Ibuki sequence was cool and all. We can tell you’ve been putting in work in the lab.

However that’s just it. All that work becomes null once you do things like RQ.

No one likes losing, but you have to hold those losses and wear them. No matter how you lost or who you lost to doesn’t matter.

I’m not your dad or anything but I really get disappointed by players like you. Just look back and swallow those defeats, even if they are crushing.

I know you got blown up but I’m confident you’ll not only become a better player, but also a better person from this.

If you feel like you really have no where else to turn I believe it would be my honor to convert you to our faith by buying a bible.…

“It’s almost impossible to overstate the significance of The Beast for the practice and culture of gaming; as Bruce Lee was for the Martial Arts, so Daigo Umehara is for Fighting Games.”—Prof. Chris Goto-Jones, Professor of Comparative Philosophy & Political Thought, Leiden University

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The Will to Keep Winning

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Guy in r/streetfighter posts a combo he pulled off, gets outed as a ragequitter and pretends he doesn’t suck

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