of Justice: Closing the Book on the O.J. Simpson Saga

Triumph of Justice: Closing the Book on the O.J. Simpson Saga


After the white Bronco, after the bloody glove, after the media frenzy and the verdict that set O.J. Simpson free, Daniel Petrocelli came to pick up the pieces. Outraged by the disastrous miscarriage of justice, the family of murder victim Ronald Goldman sought justice in civil court their last chance to go after Simpson. To represent them, they hired Petrocelli, a respected attorney who had never before tried a criminal case. In order to win the case, Petrocelli would have to prove that O.J….

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O.J. Simpson running from police on June 17, 1994. [500×250](r/HistoryPorn)

I’ve mentioned this before when OJ-related threads come up. If you have any doubt whatsoever that OJ himself committed the murders then go read the book Triumph of Justice: Closing the Book on the O.J. Simpson Saga. This book was written by the attorney that represented the Brown and Goldman families in the civil case that was filed against Simpson after he was acquitted in the criminal trial. The jury in the civil case unanimously found Simpson responsible for their deaths and awarded the families in excess of $45 million.

This book goes into excruciating detail about how the attorney representing the families dug up conclusive proof to rebut every lie told by Simpson and his attorneys during the criminal trial. As just one example among many, during the investigation of the murder detectives determined that the killer wore a specific size & style of Bruno Magli shoes. These were expensive designer shoes, and only a few hundred pairs of them were even sold in and around California. During his deposition before the criminal trial Simpson denied under oath ever owning, much less wearing Bruno Magli shoes. He went so far as to call them “ugly ass” shoes at one point. During the criminal trial the prosecution was unable to prove if Simpson ever owned or wore such shoes. But in preparing for the civil trial, this attorney was able to uncover two separate sets of photographs of Simpson at a Buffalo Bills game in 1993 that clearly showed him wearing the same style and size of Bruno Magli shoes that the detectives had determined that the killer wore. When deposed before the civil trial Simpson again denied owning the shoes despite being shown the photographs of him clearly wearing them. (He had to lie about it since to admit it was to pretty much admit he was at the scene of the crime.)

The book provides many more similar examples of lies that Simpson was caught in. If you read it then you’ll likely be convinced that Simpson, and Simpson alone, committed the murders. You can read the first chapter of the book and also read the New York Times review of the book by following the link at the top of that page.

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Triumph of Justice: Closing the Book on the O.J. Simpson Saga

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O.J. Simpson running from police on June 17, 1994. [500×250]

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