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  • The Book!: A satire of Firearms Myths

    GatFacts? The Book!: A satire of Firearms Myths


    Have you ever watched a movie and wondered how the hero managed to cram twenty shots into a six shooter? Has the guy at your gun shop espoused the “clear advantages” of a one hundred year old design to the exclusion of all others, despite advances in firearms technology? There is no doubt that you have seen someone on the news get all twitterpated over “military grade assault weapons on our streets”. GatFacts™, the Internet’s most trusted source of bad gun advice, aims to catch the essence …

  • the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection

    In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection


    The book that American Handgunner calls “must reading for anyone who owns a firearm for self defense.” This best seller is widely acclaimed by cops, lawyers, and judges as the ultimate guide to the use of a gun’s deadly force at the ultimate level of self protection. Numerous lawyers have said that they learned more about self defense law from this book than they did in law school. This book prepares you to protect you and yours against criminal violence without being crucified in court.

  • of Personal Defense

    Principles of Personal Defense


    This revised edition of Jeff Cooper’s classic on personal defense is the best study of the guiding principles of survival in the face of unprovoked violence by human assailants. Cooper discusses the vital elements of defensive mental conditioning, including alertness, decisiveness, aggressiveness, speed, coolness, ruthlessness and surprise.