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    Hardbody: How to Be One


    HARDBODY is a hilarious and easy-to-understand guide to the world of health and exercise. Fitness celebrity and comedian Ryan Nemeth offers tips, strategies, and stories from top pro wrestlers, bodybuilders, athletes, filmmakers, and many more. FEATURING TIPS & STORIES FROMDolph ZigglerSeth RollinsDamien SandowSerena DeebEC3Zack RyderMizTyler BreezeNatalyaTrent?CharlotteRusevSantino MarellaSummer RaeMatt SydalLanaLuke HarperRybackEmmaClark DukeJTGMax LandisCamacho / MicahMr. SakamotoYoshi Tat…

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    In eastern Kentucky, people don’t have much; God, guns and Oxycontin, and if you try to take any of those away, you’re likely to have a run in with at least two of them. Caster is the son of the local preacher, Solomon Jenkins, who preaches more fire and brimstone than forgiveness and love. Caster is steeped in drugs and violence, running the hollers with a poetic recklessness, Jesus and Jim Beam on his breath. He finds himself a house divided, a path well-worn in these deep, dark hills, a…