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    Jarmo is a wizard of ancient and esoteric power. He can call forth visions, commune with the ignobly dead, and manipulate political landscapes with a spry flick of his tongue. But the uncounted years spent observing the insanities of humanity have at last taken their toll, and he has thrown off the shackles of his servitude and now wanders the land a snarky and ironical libertine. His last remaining motive: to move the masses of men by the twiddling of his disaffected thumbs. Follow the lo…

  • booksreddit.com:The Hitman and the Rose

    The Hitman and the Rose


    A Hitman with a troubled past finds himself stunned when he receives a letter from a nine year old girl. He usually charges a quarter of a million dollars per hit, but finds just $23.42 inside the envelope along with a plea to free her from her abusive father. But there are more abusers than meets the eye. There will be blood. And lots of it. A tale that began as a writing prompt response on Reddit.com, The Hitman and the Rose is a Novella that deals in revenge. It is the story of a man redis…

  • booksreddit.com:Lizard Sunrise

    Lizard Sunrise


    A book of humorous* short stories covering such topics as Talking guns, Greek gods, lizards who actually run things and uhm…Donald Trump being a bad choice for President?*Humour is subjective, so you might not find the stories funny, though maybe consider that that’s your fault.

  • booksreddit.com:Microwave Cooking for One

    Microwave Cooking for One


    Fast, easy, and economical, the recipes in Microwave Cooking for One are ideal for individuals, whether they live alone or share busy modern households. From breakfast through dinner, fresh, delicious meals can be prepared to satisfy personal tastes without wasted food, overheated kitchens, or messy clean-up.

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    The Lucienne Twins


    The Lucienne TwinsThis haunting tale involves a young teacher, Mary Watkins, and her struggle to help Abigail, one of her students, cope with her twin sister’s tragic death. But when mysterious occurrences plague Abigail’s life, Mary discovers that perhaps the twin sister is not entirely dead and has not left this world.9,300 words, or approximately 37 pages.

  • booksreddit.com:The Promise She Made

    The Promise She Made


    Is the grass really greener on the other side?It’s something Evelyn Barnes asks every day as her relationship with Liam, her boyfriend, sinks further into mundanity. And it’s a question to which she desperately seeks an answer. So when the chance to get what she wants presents itself, Evelyn has little choice but to grab it with both hands.An opportunity in the form of LoveBite, an obscure piece of bleeding-edge technology with potential to revolutionise human interaction and transform societ…