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  • Projects for Musicians

    Electronic Projects for Musicians


    New to DIY eloctronics, what are some doable projects that I could look into?
    (Music Sales America). Written in simple language, with hundreds of clear illustrations, this guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to bild pre-amps, tone controls, ring modulators, mixers, and many other inexpensive electronic accessories.

  • Handbook of Acoustics

    Master Handbook of Acoustics


    What’s a good place to start learning the basics of acoustics?
    The goal of this book is to apply the principles of acoustics to the audio arts. This involves serving as an interpreter of major trends and the literature for students and practitioners in the audio field. Along with covering the more theoretical aspects of acoustics, the book applies the theory to the design of specialized audio spaces such as the home listening room, the control room, and the multi-track-recording studio.