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  • Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey

    Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey


    Let’s Talk: Using the term EDM and whether it is helpful/harmful to electronic music.
    Last Night a DJ Saved My Life was the first comprehensive history of the disc jockey, a figure who has become a powerful force shaping the music industry—and since its original publication, the book has become a cult classic. Now, with five new chapters and over a hundred pages of additional material, this updated and revised edition of Last Night a DJ Saved My Life reasserts itself as the definitive account of DJ culture, from the first record played over airwaves to house, hip hop, techno, …

  • AB Guide to Music Theory

    The AB Guide to Music Theory, Part 1 (Pt. 1)


    How to PROPERLY use accidentals in your writing?
    Provides an introduction to the basic elements in harmony and musical structure. Covers the basics of rhythm and tempo, an introduction to pitch, intervals and transposition, articulation, ornaments, and reiterations.

  • to Listen for in Music (Signet Classics)

    What to Listen for in Music (Signet Classics)


    Trained musicians, what do you notice when you hear a song for the first time?
    Whether they listen to Mozart or Duke Ellington, Aaron Copland invites readers to ask two basic questions: Are they hearing everything that is going on? Are they really being sensitive to it? With his provocative suggestions, Aaron Copland guides readers through a deeper appreciation of the most rewarding of all art forms.

  • Projects for Musicians

    Electronic Projects for Musicians


    New to DIY eloctronics, what are some doable projects that I could look into?
    (Music Sales America). Written in simple language, with hundreds of clear illustrations, this guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to bild pre-amps, tone controls, ring modulators, mixers, and many other inexpensive electronic accessories.

  • to Rap: The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC

    How to Rap: The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC


    Hip Hop is something I’ve always enjoyed studying. Here are some books I’ve read regarding the culture that I think you all would find interesting. Feel free to add on.
    Clipse, Cypress Hill, Nelly, Public Enemy, Remy Ma, Schoolly D, A Tribe Called Quest,—these are just some of the acclaimed artists offering tips and advice in this compelling how-to. Delivering countless candid and exclusive first-person insights from interviews with more than one hundred of the most innovative artists, author Paul Edwards examines the dynamics of rap from every region and in every form–mainstream and underground, current and classic—and covers everything from cont…

  • Real Book: Sixth Edition

    The Real Book: Sixth Edition


    I’m sick of lead guitar 🙁 What are some of you favourite songs to play because of their rhythm parts?
    (Fake Book). The Real Books are the best-selling jazz books of all time. Since the 1970s, musicians have trusted these volumes to get them through every gig, night after night. The problem is that the books were illegally produced and distributed, without any regard to copyright law, or royalties paid to the composers who created these musical masterpieces. Hal Leonard is very proud to present the first legitimate and legal editions of these books ever produced. You won’t even notice the di…

  • and the Art of Mixing

    Zen and the Art of Mixing


    [Question] Do you know of any good books that go over audio production and engineering?
    In his first book, The Daily Adventures of Mixerman, the author detailed the frustrating and often hilarious goings on during the process of recording a major-label band. Musicians, engineers, and producers laughed and cried at the crazy goings-on they’d never imagined – or recognized all too well. Now Mixerman turns his razor-sharp gaze to the art of mixing and gives followers and the uninitiated reason to hope – if not for logic and civility in the recording studio then at least for a good …

  • Pop Piano Book

    The Pop Piano Book


    You guys. THIS is why we learn our triads.
    (Piano). This cutting-edge keyboard method is a total step-by-step approach to creating keyboard parts spontaneously. Rhythmic and harmonic concepts are applied in all keys, and are then used as a basis for developing specific solutions in rock, pop, ballad, funk, new age, country and gospel styles. Endorsed by Grammy winners, top educators, and Keyboard magazine.

  • Greene -- Chord Chemistry

    Ted Greene — Chord Chemistry


    What is your favorite chord shape that you never see people use? I’ll start
    Ted Greenes Chord Chemistry was originally published in 1971 and has become the classic chord reference book for two generations of guitarists. Whether you are just beginning to search beyond basic barre chords or are already an advanced player looking for new sounds and ideas this is the book that will get you there. Designed to inspire creativity this book is a musical treasure chest filled with exciting new ideas and sounds.

  • Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer (Ted Reed Publications)

    Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer (Ted Reed Publications)


    Must have high level drumming books
    Voted second on Modern Drummer’s list of 25 Greatest Drum Books in 1993, Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer is one of the most versatile and practical works ever written for drums. Created exclusively to address syncopation, it has earned its place as a standard tool for teaching beginning drummers syncopation and strengthening reading skills. This book includes many accented eighths, dotted eighths and sixteenths, eighth-note triplets and sixteenth notes for extended sol…

  • Modern Method for Guitar - Volumes 1

    A Modern Method for Guitar – Volumes 1, 2, 3 Complete


    what scales and chords do you think is a must know to be a good guitarist
    (Berklee Methods). Now guitarists can have all three volumes of this classic guitar method in one convenient book! Created by popular demand, this new edition of the method used as the basic text for the renowned Berklee College of Music guitar program is a complete compilation of the original Volumes 1, 2, and 3. Innovative solos, duets and exercises progressively teach melody, harmony and rhythm. Perfect for the serious guitar student and instructor alike.

  • Tao of Wu

    The Tao of Wu


    TIL while in prison, ODB wasn’t visited by any of his Wu-Tang members except RZA.
    The RZA, founder of the Wu-Tang Clan, imparts the lessons he’s learned on his journey from the Staten Island projects to international superstardom. A devout student of knowledge in every form in which he’s found it, he distills here the wisdom he’s acquired into seven “pillars,” each based on a formative event in his life-from the moment he first heard the call of hip-hop to the death of his cousin and Clan- mate, Russell Jones, aka ODB. Delivered in RZA’s unmistakable style, at once surpris…

  • Recording Engineer's Handbook

    The Recording Engineer’s Handbook


    complete idiot here, our ‘rock band’ recordings are coming out crap!
    Working as a recording engineer presents challenges from every direction of your project. From using microphones to deciding on EQ settings, choosing outboard gear to understanding how, when and why to process your signal, the seemingly never-ending choices can be very confusing. Professional Audio’s bestselling author Bobby Owsinski (The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, The Mastering Engineer’s Handbook) takes you into the tracking process for all manner of instruments and vocals– providing you …

  • Inner Game of Music

    The Inner Game of Music


    Self learning the piano, when a teacher is impossible.
    The battle that many musicians, of whatever level, have to face is an inner one – against nervousness, self-doubt and fear of failure. In this highly successful book, first published by Pan in 1987, musician Barry Green explains the basic principles of ‘natural learning’ that make up the Inner Game methodology, and shows how to apply them to reach a new level in the learning and performing of music. With special features on ensemble playing, improvisation and listening skills, and with exerci…

  • Metal: Evolution of the Cult

    Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult


    What are some good books on the history of Metal?
    Featuring a wealth of new interviews with the genre’s most central figures, Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult offers the most comprehensive guide yet to the most controversial form of extreme metal. From the pioneers of the early ‘80s to its fiery rebirth in Scandinavia through to today’s diverse groups, this epic analysis captures the movement’s development in unparalleled depth.

  • Geometry of Music: Harmony and Counterpoint in the Extended Common Practice (Oxford Studies in ...

    A Geometry of Music: Harmony and Counterpoint in the Extended Common Practice (Oxford Studies in …


    Mathematical approaches to music theory?
    Product Description How is the Beatles’ “Help!” similar to Stravinsky’s “Dance of the Adolescents?” How does Radiohead’s “Just” relate to the improvisations of Bill Evans? And how do Chopin’s works exploit the non-Euclidean geometry of musical chords? In this groundbreaking work, author Dmitri Tymoczko describes a new framework for thinking about music that emphasizes the commonalities among styles from medieval polyphony to contemporary rock. Tymoczko identifies five basic musical features …

  • Jams

    Slow Jams


    what happens after playing in the devil’s playground my whole life? I need to be cleansed.I finally made something my mom and god would be proud of! here’s what happened……..nsfw
    Rare self published comic by David Choe

  • Dion's Let's Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste (33 1/3)

    Celine Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste (33 1/3)


    Albums by female artists
    Non-fans regard Céline Dion as ersatz and plastic, yet to those who love her, no one could be more real, with her impoverished childhood, her (creepy) manager-husband’s struggle with cancer, her knack for howling out raw emotion. There’s nothing cool about Céline Dion, and nothing clever. That’s part of her appeal as an object of love or hatred ― with most critics and committed music fans taking pleasure (or at least geeky solace) in their lofty contempt. This book documents Carl Wilson’s bra…

  • to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great - Second Edition Bk/online media

    How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great – Second Edition Bk/online media


    [OFFICIAL] There are no stupid /r/Guitar questions. Ask us anything! – August 11, 2016
    (Book). From shopping for a first electric guitar to setting customized action, this do-it-yourself primer for owning and maintaining an electric guitar explains the ins and outs of choosing the right guitar; cleaning, tools, and basic maintenance; personalizing and improving on a factory setup; troubleshooting; basic guitar electronics; choosing and installing replacement pickups, pots, switches, and capacitors; setups of the pros; and much more. This new edition is overhauled from top to bo…

  • to DJ (Properly): The Art and Science of Playing Records

    How to DJ (Properly): The Art and Science of Playing Records


    Projectionist here… My job used to be an art, now I just push buttons. Behold the original instructions for projecting “Gone With The Wind”.
    Today, everyone wants to be a DJ. Playing records isn’t rocket science, but there’s a universe of difference between doing it and doing it well. DJing is like modelling: most people could have a stab at it, some can earn money doing it, but only a very few can become supermodels. This guide both forms an introduction for the complete novice who wants a pair of Technics turntables for Christmas and contains enough advice and advanced instruction to be valuable to more experienced DJs. It aims …