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  • An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

    Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel


    With a new foreword by Tim Ferriss • There’s nothing like vagabonding: taking time off from your normal life—from six weeks to four months to two years—to discover and experience the world on your own terms. In this one-of-a-kind handbook, veteran travel writer Rolf Potts explains how anyone armed with an independent spirit can achieve the dream of extended overseas travel. Now completely revised and updated, Vagabonding is an accessible and inspiring guide to   • financing your travel time …

  • of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Soul...

    Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Soul…


    When did the world get so liberally cucked?
    The brilliant, controversial, bestselling critique of American culture that “hits with the approximate force and effect of electroshock therapy” (The New York Times)—now featuring a new afterword by Andrew Ferguson in a twenty-fifth anniversary edition.THE BRILLIANT AND CONTROVERSIAL CRITIQUE OF AMERICAN CULTURE WITH NEARLY A MILLION COPIES IN PRINT  In 1987, eminent political philosopher Allan Bloom published The Closing of the American Mind, an appraisal of contemporary America that “hits w… more about book…

  • How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed: Revised Edition

    Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed: Revised Edition


    In Jared Diamond’s follow-up to the Pulitzer-Prize winning Guns, Germs and Steel, the author explores how climate change, the population explosion and political discord create the conditions for the collapse of civilizationEnvironmental damage, climate change, globalization, rapid population growth, and unwise political choices were all factors in the demise of societies around the world, but some found solutions and persisted. As in Guns, Germs, and Steel, Diamond traces the fundamenta…

  • the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection

    In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection


    The book that American Handgunner calls “must reading for anyone who owns a firearm for self defense.” This best seller is widely acclaimed by cops, lawyers, and judges as the ultimate guide to the use of a gun’s deadly force at the ultimate level of self protection. Numerous lawyers have said that they learned more about self defense law from this book than they did in law school. This book prepares you to protect you and yours against criminal violence without being crucified in court.

  • Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese

    An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese, Vol. 1 (English and Japanese Edition)


    This is a widely used textbook for beginning Japanese covering the four basic skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. Genki I covers lessons 1 to 12. Japanese/English.

  • for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals

    Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals


    WIKILEAKS: Chinese Government Requested SECRET Meeting With Top Clinton Campaign Aides During Campaign
    First published in 1971, Rules for Radicals is Saul Alinsky's impassioned counsel to young radicals on how to effect constructive social change and know “the difference between being a realistic radical and being a rhetorical one.” Written in the midst of radical political developments whose direction Alinsky was one of the first to question, this volume exhibits his style at its best. Like Thomas Paine before him, Alinsky was able to combine, both in his person and his writing, the intensit… more about book…

  • & Billions: Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium

    Billions & Billions: Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium


    In the final book of his astonishing career, Carl Sagan brilliantly examines the burning questions of our lives, our world, and the universe around us. These luminous, entertaining essays travel both the vastness of the cosmos and the intimacy of the human mind, posing such fascinating questions as how did the universe originate and how will it end, and how can we meld science and compassion to meet the challenges of the coming century? Here, too, is a rare, private glimpse of Sagan’s thought…

  • Programming: More Than Writing Code

    Effective Programming: More Than Writing Code


    ABOUT THE BOOKJeff Atwood began the Coding Horror blog in 2004, and is convinced that it changed his life. He needed a way to keep track of software development over time – whatever he was thinking about or working on. He researched subjects he found interesting, then documented his research with a public blog post, which he could easily find and refer to later. Over time, increasing numbers of blog visitors found the posts helpful, relevant and interesting. Now, approximately 100,000 readers…

  • Dies at the End

    John Dies at the End


    NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURESTOP.You should not have touched this book with your bare hands.NO, don’t put it down. It’s too late. They’re watching you.My name is David Wong. My best friend is John. Those names are fake. You might want to change yours.You may not want to know about the things you’ll read on these pages, about the sauce, about Korrok, about the invasion, and the future. But it’s too late. You touched the book. You’re in the game. You’re under the eye.The only defense is knowledge…

  • of Leaves

    House of Leaves


    Years ago, when House of Leaves was first being passed around, it was nothing more than a badly bundled heap of paper, parts of which would occasionally surface on the Internet. No one could have anticipated the small but devoted following this terrifying story would soon command. Starting with an odd assortment of marginalized youth — musicians, tattoo artists, programmers, strippers, environmentalists, and adrenaline junkies — the book eventually made its way into the hands of older gener…

  • Dynamics And Chaos: With Applications To Physics

    Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos: With Applications To Physics, Biology, Chemistry, And Engineering (…


    This textbook is aimed at newcomers to nonlinear dynamics and chaos, especially students taking a first course in the subject. The presentation stresses analytical methods, concrete examples and geometric intuition. The theory is developed systematically, starting with first-order differential equations and their bifurcations, followed by phase plane analysis, limit cycles and their bifurcations, and culminating with the Lorenz equations, chaos, iterated maps, period doubling, renormalization…

  • Your Enthusiasm: The Book

    Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Book


    What are the secrets behind the creation of Larry David’s hit show? Fans can finally find out with this long-awaited companion guide to the Golden Globe- and Emmy® Award- winning series. Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Book is complete with stories about Larry David’s childhood, his roots as a stand-up comic, and his various writing jobs before the breakthrough of Seinfeld. Readers will enjoy dating stories from his bachelor years, discover how he met his future wife, Laurie David, and learn wh…

  • the Vote: Why Elections Aren't Fair (and What We Can Do About It)

    Gaming the Vote: Why Elections Aren’t Fair (and What We Can Do About It)


    Sanders: ‘I am running for president’
    Our Electoral System is Fundamentally Flawed, But There’s a Simple and Fair SolutionAt least five U.S. presidential elections have been won by the second most popular candidate. The reason was a “spoiler”—a minor candidate who takes enough votes away from the most popular candidate to tip the election to someone else. The spoiler effect is more than a glitch. It is a consequence of one of the most surprising intellectual discoveries of the twentieth century: the “impossibility theorem” of Nob…

  • in Amsterdam: Liberal Europe

    Murder in Amsterdam: Liberal Europe, Islam, and the Limits of Tolerance


    My name is Theo van Gogh. I'm a Dutch filmmaker who criticized Islam's treatment of women, so I was shot & stabbed to death in broad daylight by a Mohammedan. Remember me.
    A revelatory look at what happens when political Islam collides with the secular West Ian Buruma 's Murder in Amsterdam is a masterpiece of investigative journalism, a book with the intimacy and narrative control of a crime novel and the analytical brilliance for which Buruma is renowned. On a cold November day in Amsterdam in 2004, the celebrated and controversial Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was shot and killed by an Islamic extremist for making a movie that “insulted the prophet Mohammed… more about book…