Tour of C++ (C++ In-Depth)

A Tour of C++ (C++ In-Depth)


The C++11 standard allows programmers to express ideas more clearly, simply, and directly, and to write faster, more efficient code. Bjarne Stroustrup, the designer and original implementer of C++, thoroughly covers the details of this language and its use in his definitive reference, The C++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition.   In A Tour of C++ , Stroustrup excerpts the overview chapters from that complete reference, expanding and enhancing them to give an experienced programmer–in ju…

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Bjarne Stroustrup doing an AMA.(r/cpp)

For the salty:

What is the best advice you can give someone just starting a CS education?

Get good at the fundamentals: algorithms, data structures, machine architecture. Learn to use a programming language (or their support system), and not just a language. Work on other major projects. All the trendy stuff you will learn along the way. When you will be good at the fundamentals, you will be good at games, graphics, web design, networking, security, etc. It’s also beneficial if you know some mathematics. Here are some links on software, and education.

Hey Bjarne. Which C++ compiler do you use?

GCC or Microsoft, soon Clang (again) as well. To be certain and achieve portability it’s better to use more than one. When I teach students it’s always Linux, Windows AND Apple.

Hey Bjarne. Have you heard of Mozilla’s newly developed Rust programming and, if so, what is your opinion about it? It seems to me that it could be a really good competitor to C ++, with, among other easily guaranteed memory safety and safe parallelism .

I know a little bit of rust, and many other languages, but my work is focused on C++ and the use of C++.

If has long (decades) been my ideal to make C++ completely type and resource safe. We are almost there: It’s part of a fairly ambitious program to modernize the C++ use: and

All too often C++ is used as if it’s still 1990.

What is your opinion about C (and C ++)’s use of null – termination of strings. Opposed to, for example, Pascal. With many security holes to follow. C ++ will of course have to continue using the null – termination for simple strings, in order to remain compatible with C. (/u/kingguru stresses that you have the ability to use std :: string )…

I prefer std :: string. It is not zero- terminated and easier to use than char. You get nothing from using char to communicate with C. “Safety” is much more than just using a single type (or not). “Security” has to do with the whole system; a hacker goes after what is now the easiest to break through. As far as I know SQL injection is still language dependent (SQL can be used from any language) and very popular with hackers. C ++ is type and resource safe:

Hey Bjarne. I have heard that you are good at answering emails, etc., I would like to say thank you for coming here to answer our stupid questions 😉 My first question is probably one that could trigger a much and too long answer:

  1. If you had the knowledge that you have now when you originally made ​​C ++ – What would you have done differently?
  2. What little popular/known language do you think deserves more love?
  3. I have heard that D is trying to implement the ” language ” that you often citereret to hiding in C ++ ( ” Within C ++, there is a much smaller and cleaner language struggling two get out”), do you think that there is a truth to that statement ?

Almost every new language would be a “C++” Killer. Almost every language wants to and tries to be “general purpose”. Almost every language wants to try and be for “system programming”. But that is difficult. C++ is in fact, not quite bad and is still being developed to cope with new problems and clear old problems and feel better. E.g.… And with approximately 4.4 million C++ programmers:…. Moreover, it is good that there are many programming languages. The world would be a boring place if there was only one. But, there is no language that is close to being the “little language stored in C++ that wants to get out” as I sometime dream about:

Edit: Will update if there is any interest in it.

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