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Over 100,000 Copies Sold! Organizing books fall short of addressing the unique needs of adults with ADD. They fail to understand the clinical picture of ADD and how it impacts the organizing process often making their advice irrelevant or frustrating when put into application. Books about ADD may address organization/disorganization but do so in a cursory fashion and on a very small scale in what are usually long books on the subject. This is a book that has ADD-Friendly advice with the ADDer…

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I have an anxiety disorder and ADHD (recently diagnosed). I have a lot of trouble with productivity/getting things done in the midst of stress, chaos, or having to juggle lots of things at once. Suggestions?(r/ADHD)

I’m pretty similar to you. Basically for me I’ve just had to accumulate a TON of strategies. Know that you need to try, but that many times you’ll get very little done. You have to not let that get you down. But always try.

For me, my progress is very slow, like over a period of months. I did a month trip in May, and because I wasn’t working, all my habits and productivity reverted to zero. I could only do very small things then, but I didn’t get mad at myself for how pathetic it was. And by now, I’m way better, but still not where I want to ultimately be. One day at a time.

So I wrote a post to a similar thread a couple weeks ago about a lot of my strategies so I’ll copy a lot of it here. This is a lot, sorry, and don’t let it overwhelm you! Don’t try to do all of them at once. Maybe for a week just try 3 of them. Consistency in the long run is better than a sprint now. So if you tried all of these right now and maybe did them all hard for like 3 days, you’ll probably drop 100% of them in a short period of time.

Doing one or two of these, and not that well, is way better than doing none of them. You’ll get better overtime.

Here’s my post:

starting is the hardest part. which is why habits help. Habits are what your brain does almost automatically. My brain won’t freak out at first and give me a ton of resistance with habits, unlike normal things.

-I’ve been reading this book–ADD Friendly ways to organize your life right now and that helps. It’s kind of geared toward housewives which sounds weird but I just apply it to my life and have gotten a lot out of it so far. Visualize how it will help you and write down plans, don’t just mindlessly read it. is a good way to track stuff. Here’s a screenshot of how I use my chains. But don’t start with as many as I have at first. Make it 5 MAX. Then overtime maybe add one more at a time if you want. Do it every day.

-the blog deep existence and the related book Mini Habits are good for that too. His book/philosophy are about making habits and goals so stupidly small, that you’ll never not do them. His big example is the “one push-up a day” challenge. In reality you’ll do more most of the time. But always do at least one. This could apply if you’re a writer too, or anything. At least 50 words a day.

Adderall and Propranolol help me too, but I don’t rely on them a ton and even if I did, without a bunch of strategies they wouldn’t be that helpful. Propranolol isn’t addictive and doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier so it’s pretty cool. It’s about lowering your body’s natural anxious response, while adderall is the one that increases your focus. But again, if I’m not doing my strategies, I may just procrastinate in a more intense manner if I just took adderall.

Cardiovascular exercise helps me! Doing it doesn’t entirely fix my problems, but it kind of metaphorically flushes out my pipes when they get clogged. I’m running highish mileage 5 days a week right now. It helps break up my stressful day of tasks and my brain gets to unwind.

-use the pomodero technique. There’s a good app called Phocus that is for this, but I bet there’s a ton of other equally good ones. So basically it’s 20-25 minutes of working, 5 minutes of break, over and over. Often, my brain is so stressed out and spazzy, but just turning on this app (and then putting my phone in AIRPLANE MODE while working) makes my brain get in the zone, and I may be able to work for like 90 minutes without a break, even when I should be taking my 5 minute breaks.

-before Pomodero, I do a “3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 days strategy” where I write down my goals for the next 3 minutes, 3 hours, and 3 days. Sometimes it could be better to do “3 minutes, 30 minutes, 3 hours”. Whatever works best. picture of how I do it

physically go somewhere else. For me, if it’s something I can do in a library, I try to do it there. My brain is so much less stressed out. The “WHAT ABOUT THIS, WHAT ABOUT THAT”s can’t happen as much because most of my stuff is at home.

Block facebook/reddit/whatever. ColdTurkey also helps, it’s more intense. Try taking actual long breaks from them too (shoot for 2 months). They make my brain way more spazzy and when I have good time away, I’m able to actually read books and have a more calm mind. Another thing to add onto these two things is using the SECOND of three methods here:…

-general ADD shit: using phone reminders and planners religiously. I simply won’t remember something unless I write it down.

Good luck!

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I have an anxiety disorder and ADHD (recently diagnosed). I have a lot of trouble with productivity/getting things done in the midst of stress, chaos, or having to juggle lots of things at once. Sugg

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