of the Human Heart: A Memoir

Atlas of the Human Heart: A Memoir


Like Jack Kerouac’s intrepid little sister, Ariel Gore spins the spirited story of a vulnerable drifter who takes refuge in the recesses of the human heart. With just a few pennies and her I Ching, a change of clothes and a one-way ticket to Hong Kong, a perceptive, searching Gore makes her way through the labyrinthine customs of Cold-War China, wanders bustling, electric Katmandu, and hunkers down in an icy London squat with a prostitute and a boyfriend on the dole. Yet it is in the calm, ve…

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In 24 hours I am taking in a local 13 year old homeless girl as a foster child. What should I put in her new rom?(r/AskReddit)

I’m going to be somewhat practical:

  • things for female time of the month issues might be handy including a private little carrying case for them so no one knows she’s holding tampons in her school bag [they make such cute DIY ones these days on etsy],

  • a journal type notebook/moleskin as my childhood diary was pretty critical

  • Young adult novels. What are some classics out there that every person should read? Judy Bloom comes to mind. I’m not a huge young adult novel follower for modern writers but please give her modern books geared toward female empowerment, women and not dreck such as Twilight! Please.

  • You might want to get ahold of some tween type magazines. My little cousin around that age begged her mom for the tween sect magazines and she thought that was not acceptable reading for her daughter. However it gets kids to read! Reading is … well critically important! Also maybe some tween clothing catalogs to help fill the drawers or gift cards to places like F21, Delias, etc.

  • Trunk or storage thing that’s HERS, private and will never be touched for any reason by you. Teens are insanely private and secret at this age. Give her a sense of personal autonomy and the freedom to have her privacy respected on a small level. The diary has to be hidden somewhere.

  • Basic art supplies. She may be more logic and math minded but I think having an outlet in the form of art would be therapy for a 13 year old foster child. It could be as small as paper and cheap watercolors.; OR a disposable camera if you’re getting her frames! Cheap and I feel like so many girls love photos, you know?

Edited: after reading your link and as a young punk female [starting later on] these are some amazing books things that inspired me too:

Ariel Gore She was homeless in Europe and I think she writes on a level that younger people could follow. The book is amazing!

Zine Yearbooks There’s 9 volumes. Some of the best of young publishers / fanzines from the 90s on upward!

Riot Grrrl Book along with a Bikini Kill cd.

Despite Everything Covering everything from travel adventures to dumpster diving, Cometbus forms a literary soundtrack for the lives of its readers. Despite Everything contains dozens of photos, illustrations, and the best material from all 48 issues of Cometbus, one of the original punk zines.

Stolen Sharpie DIY fanzine creation resource.

Even if some things seem over the head of a 13 year old I think in her situation they’d be valuable and easily relatable as well as engaging/empowering. In terms of her situation I’d put those in the reading list. I guess the riot grrrl and Bikini Kill may be pushing it because it’s angry woman music with cursing BUT riot grrrl was so important to young females around this age. HER story will have weight and value in the years to come so this might all help remove the shame from her situation and help re-empower her.

ALSO: at ~13 she’d probably need bras depending on her development but MAN bras are like so important at that age! Even if you can just shop with her to buy ONE single special bra it would probably blow her mind to pick something out at Victoria’s Secret. My sister always was ecstatic about VS. Even if she’s like flat chested – push up bra – bam! Punk or not, we all like lady stuff like bras.

RE: Tween Magazine Comments I AM SUCH A SPACE CASE, get her a subscription to Bust Magazine! It’s totally feminist/punk/intelligent/cool! There’s also “Bitch” though it’s less glossy. One thing about Bust though is that sexuality is OK in it and it even has erotica in it. I feel like it’s kind of this generation’s Sassy Magazine in a number of ways, though. You can usually find it in big retail bookstores! I’m 35 so my tween magazine days were stuff like Seventeen and Sassy. I think Seventeen fails to be edgy but I’m unsure if Bust is “too edgy” but hey we have a cussing 14 year old in this thread soooooooo …

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In 24 hours I am taking in a local 13 year old homeless girl as a foster child. What should I put in her new rom?

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