Black Nazis!


How and why did so many non-German ethnic minorities and foreigners fight for the Nazis in World War II? This study answers these questions, among others, by re-examining the Third Reich from an entirely new perspective.

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It makes me so happy thinking how much this bothered Hitler.(r/pics)

I wonder how many people know that Hitler had dozens of Jewish Generals in his army, many were close friends with him.

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Black Nazis! A Study of Racial Ambivalence in Nazi Germany’s Military Establishment: Non-German Ethnic Minority and Foreign Volunteers, Conscripts, Laborers and POWs, 1940-1945…

From the reviews.

>Ms. Clark also provides far more than enough written evidence for the fact that German racial attitudes were far more enlightened than anything in the US or British military at that time. Blacks in the German military were not merely truck drivers or ammunition handlers as in the US generally; they were highly trained for combat and for intelligence gathering, especially in North Africa.

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Black Nazis!

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It makes me so happy thinking how much this bothered Hitler.

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