In Action: Industrial Strength Programming Techniques (With CD-ROM)

C++ In Action: Industrial Strength Programming Techniques (With CD-ROM)


C++ in Action introduces state-of-the-art C++ programming and problem-solving techniques for developing efficient, powerful, scalable software systems. Renowned software architect Bartosz Milewski starts from two key premises. First, programs aren’t written for computers: they’re written for other programmers who will have to integrate and maintain them. Second, software development languages aren’t ends in themselves: they’re tools to solve problems. Starting from these principles, Milewski …

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Top rated programming books on Reddit rank no. 30

Edward C++Hands by Bartosz Milewski(r/programming)

He used to be a C++ programmer – he wrote a book on it, worked in it at Microsoft, and attended meetings of the C++ standards committee. Now he works for a company dedicated to bringing the Haskell programming language into the mainstream software market by being the leading developer of commercial Haskell software tools and services.

You were expecting maybe something else from him?

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C++ In Action: Industrial Strength Programming Techniques (With CD-ROM)

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Edward C++Hands by Bartosz Milewski

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