Primer (5th Edition)

C++ Primer (5th Edition)


Can a “average” person learn enough Java in 2.5 years to create apps and games for android?
Bestselling Programming Tutorial and Reference Completely Rewritten for the New C++11 Standard   Fully updated and recast for the newly released C++11 standard, this authoritative and comprehensive introduction to C++ will help you to learn the language fast, and to use it in modern, highly effective ways. Highlighting today’s best practices, the authors show how to use both the core language and its standard library to write efficient, readable, and powerful code.   C++ Primer, Fi…

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Can a “average” person learn enough Java in 2.5 years to create apps and games for android?(r/learnprogramming)

What this guy said.

It doesn’t take as long as everybody thinks, I learned basic C++ (enough to program tetris) as my first language (widely considered one of the toughest languages) within about 4 months. A good book and a good work effort will have you making apps in no time.

Edit: For those who want to know, here is the book I read:

Beginning C++ Through Game Programming

This book (in my humble opinion) is an extremely solid choice for a beginner. It teaches you the absolute basics of C++ and doesn’t go very deep into anything. It just glosses over functionality, shows you what you’re able to do, shows how to do it, then gives a project that implements it. It doesn’t get too advanced, and it will leave a lot left to learn, but it’s great for getting your feet wet so you can understand more widely renowned books such as C++ Primer and Accelerated C++

And though it says “game programming” you never actually leave the console window. The author just tries to explain everything in the sense of how you would use it in a game, and all of his final projects are simple text-based games. (Black jack, tic-tac-toe) So even if you aren’t interested in game dev, this book still works fine.


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C++ Primer (5th Edition)

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Can a “average” person learn enough Java in 2.5 years to create apps and games for android?

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