Me If You Can: The True Story of a Real Fake

Catch Me If You Can: The True Story of a Real Fake


Frank W. Abagnale, alias Frank Williams, Robert Conrad, Frank Adams, and Robert Monjo, was one of the most daring con men, forgers, imposters, and escape artists in history.  In his brief but notorious criminal career, Abagnale donned a pilot’s uniform and copiloted a Pan Am jet, masqueraded as the supervising resident of a hospital, practiced law without a license, passed himself off as a college sociology professor, and cashed over $2.5 million in forged checks, all before he was twenty-one…

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Man Poses As Armored Truck Driver, Steals $75K From Walmart(r/news)

My first thought after reading this headline was of Frank Abagnale, who pulled a number of cons when he was aged 15-21 in the 1960’s. One of his cons, which he described in his book (which is very different from the movie by the same name), came into being after he noticed how airlines handled cash at the time. Back in the 1960’s you could walk into an airport and buy a ticket with cash and employees could also walk up to ticket counters and cash checks. So by the end of the day those ticket counters had significant amounts of cash that needed to be deposited. Most airports already had bank branches in them, so the ticket agents would simply drop the cash off in the banks night depository at the end of the day.

One day Abagnale showed up at Logan Airport in Boston after the bank closed but before the ticket agents closed up for the night. He was wearing a rented security guard uniform and had a lock box on a dolly. He put a sign up on the bank door that said something like “Night depository broken. Leave all deposits with guard.” He claims that at least 35 people left deposits with him that night.

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Catch Me If You Can: The True Story of a Real Fake

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Man Poses As Armored Truck Driver, Steals $75K From Walmart

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