Zero: Inside the FBI Hostage Rescue Team

Cold Zero: Inside the FBI Hostage Rescue Team


Whitcomb is the first HRT member ever to write about his experience. With breathtaking immediacy, he describes the brutal training, the weapons and tactics, and the unbreakable camaraderie of the HRT. In short order, after joining HRT in 1991, Whitcomb was sent on missions to Ruby Ridge and Waco, and his frank assessment of those missions is must reading for anyone interested in modern law enforcement.

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Men of Reddit, what do you think is the hardest part about being a woman?(r/AskReddit)

I’ve known women who are rather cocky because they’re relatively strong, and they think they can take most men. I fear that this confidence will have a bad result.

I remember reading in a book by an ex-FBI elite unit guy (kinda like special forces, but for FBI) about how they trained FBI agents, and even though they teach both genders hand-to-hand techniques, in the end the advice to women:

Even smaller men have a tremendous upper body strength advantage. Do not engage in a hand-to-hand with a man. Draw your gun and point it at his testicles.

edit: I found the book:… Yes, I know that armed forces shoot for center mass. But this was about female agents intimidating a man into submission by pointing a gun at his balls if he threatens force (it’s been many years since I read it, so that’s my best recollection). Elsewhere in the book, they discuss how they never do trick shots (like shooting a gun out of someone’s hand) — they always aim for center mass. If memory serves, the author was just relating what he overheard from one of the male trainers advising female agents.

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Cold Zero: Inside the FBI Hostage Rescue Team

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Men of Reddit, what do you think is the hardest part about being a woman?

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