Girl: The Handbook

Curly Girl: The Handbook


Black women of Reddit, can you help me with my niece’s hair?
The Curly Girl manifesto is back, now completely revised, updated, and expanded by more than a third with all-new material. Created by curly hair evangelist Lorraine Massey—the go-to curl expert featured in Allure, InStyle, Lucky, Seventeen, and The New York Times; owner of the Devachan salons in New York; and creator of a multimillion-dollar line of all-natural Devachan products—Curly Girl is the surprising bible for the 65 percent of women with naturally curly or wavy hair and a desire to c…

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Black women of Reddit, can you help me with my niece’s hair?(r/AskWomen)

black hair is essentially just really really curly hair. Check out /r/curlyhair OR try to find the book Curly Girl it’s short and simple to read and explains everything.

As a rundown of the basics –

  • MOISTURIZE. My conditioner to shampoo ratio is like 10:1. You may want to consider using less shampoo or even dropping sulfates altogether.

  • Don’t try to detangle or comb her hair dry – only when it’s wet and slick with consitioner. Don’t brush it, only comb (I recommend the tangle teezer).

  • Use gel/curl cream, naked hair will often become really dry and frizzy, which makes it look like a giant poofba but more importantly causes tangles and giant mats.

  • Since she’s lttle and gonna be running around most of the time, I’d suggest you keep her hair in protective styles – which can be as simple as just keeping it braided. If you can you and your stepbrother should learn to french braid (lots of tutorials on YouTube) – you can put her hair in two french braids and essentially not have to touch it for a couple days at all, and it won’t have a chance to tangle much.

Good luck, it’s really nice…

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Black women of Reddit, can you help me with my niece’s hair?

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