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HTTP: The Definitive Guide (Definitive Guides)


Behind every web transaction lies the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) — the language of web browsers and servers, of portals and search engines, of e-commerce and web services. Understanding HTTP is essential for practically all web-based programming, design, analysis, and administration.While the basics of HTTP are elegantly simple, the protocol’s advanced features are notoriously confusing, because they knit together complex technologies and terminology from many disciplines. This b…

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Never have I felt so guilty for unsubscribing from something…(r/funny)

I was an engineer at Groupon. I don’t know how they treated their sales staff, but the engineers were treated pretty well. During the development of “Groupon 2.0” (when the major shift in form and function occurred), they catered in breakfast lunch and dinner for all of us. Once the project was over, they rented a bus and rented out this fancy restaurant.

The people there were very friendly, and many of them really knew their shit. People coming from companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. Probably the most impressive resume of anyone working there: Brian Totty, the SVP of Engineering wrote the book on HTTP, and was part of the team that invented the CDN. I learned a lot.

By the way, “Derrick” is actually CEO and Founder Andrew Mason.

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HTTP: The Definitive Guide (Definitive Guides)

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Never have I felt so guilty for unsubscribing from something…

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