Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood


How did Disney’s film become a calamity of historic proportions?  Michael Sellers, a Hollywood filmmaker himself, saw the disaster approaching and fought to save the project – but without success. In John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood, Sellers details every blunder and betrayal that led to the doom of the motion picture – and that left countless Hollywood careers in the wreckage.JOHN CARTER AND THE GODS OF HOLLYWOOD examines every aspect of Andrew Stanton’s adaptation and Disney’s marketin…

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Did anyone else actually enjoy John Carter?(r/movies)

There’s a whole book written on the subject of the bad John Carter marketing… a totally fascinating read for anyone with an interest in Hollwood, marketing, fan efforts and more.

I read the book without having seen the movie, and then of course I just had to see it. But I was so disappointed I turned it off after around 20 minutes. Just my personal opinion, but it looked like a clichee-laden pulp tv show for boys (including characters, story, costumes, and even effects, albeit it was such an expensive movie), without anything that would tickle my interest. And I love spectacular & ‘dumb’ action movies, so it’s not that.

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John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

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Did anyone else actually enjoy John Carter?

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