's Guide to Gourmet Shaving - Sixth Edition: Shaving Made Enjoyable

Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving – Sixth Edition: Shaving Made Enjoyable


The sixth edition of the complete beginner’s guide to traditional wetshaving—brush, shaving cream or soap, and safety razor with double-edged blade—is a major update of the previous edition: a third larger, with a new chapter, new sections, and covers aspects of shaving such as DIY products and guidelines on collecting that were not in the previous editions. Reviews of new razors and other shaving products are included, and the appendix now includes well over 100 on-line vendors as well a…

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Sidebar has useful FAQ and kit suggestions.

In general Mantic59 and Geofatboy have good videos on youtube. There is also a book written by Leisureguy, it is available in all amazon sites.

This video from Geofatboy basically shows what DE shaving looks like. I also like this video It shows a full shave from start to finish. You don’t really need to understand what he says in the beginning.

The necessary items are; razor, brush, cream/soap, and blade sampler pack. This article by Leisureguy explains the blade issue very well. For aftershave you can use whatever you currently have, but if you don’t have anything you can pick up Nivea sensitive aftershave balm from your local supermarket for $5.

There are preshave creams, oils, and soaps. These are not necessary, but some users do find them helpful. A cheap glycerin soap like the “clearly natural” or “whole foods 365” can be had for about 2-3 dollars. You use these soaps to wash your face before you start lathering.

For post shave there is; alum block, afershave splash, aftershave balm, moisturizing cream, moisturizing oil like jojoba oil, unrefined shea butter, and witch hazel. You pretty much have to try which works for you, but I’d start with a cheap aftershave balm like the Nivea sensitive that I mentioned (if you get satisfactory results with it you don’t have to explore the other options unless you want to).

You don’t need a shaving stand. If you like how they look you can use/get one, but that’s about it. After you are done shaving, rinse the brush well under the running water from the tap, shake out the excess water, gently brush the brush against a towel, stand it on its base out in the open where it can air dry. Mantic59 – Cleaning a shaving brush video.

For bowl lathering you can use any small sized bowl you have in your house. Approximately 3 inches deep and 5-6 inches in diameter would be a good size. You can also find something from your local supermarket for couple of dollars. Alternatively you can face lather which removes the need for a bowl.

About $55 kit suggestion.

All the Edwin Jagger D8x razors use the same head, just the handles are different. If you want to order everything from the same place then Maggard Razors has the Edwin Jagger DE8x razors in stock. Another good option for the razor is the Maggard Razors own brand DE razor.

Read this beginners guide to boar brushes. However I wouldn’t recommend the boiling water thing that is in there.

About $100 kit suggestion.

Most modern razors are made out of zamak or pot metal. So if you drop them they are likely to break. I have dropped mine and it didn’t break. But they can break. So a stainless steel razor will be more durable.

For about $150 I’d go with.

This synthetic brush article is a good read. The best prices for these brushes, even with shipping is from and Note you don’t pay VAT if you order outside EU. They are available in US as well (MaggardRazors, Bullgooseshaving), but the price tag is higher, although the shipping should be faster.

The silvertip fibre brushes can be seen used in this video.

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