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Game show winners of Reddit, can you describe your experience?(r/television)

/r/gameshow mod here. I’ve been on a few game shows.

When I was in the 5th grade, I was on Jep! which was like the kid’s version of Jeopardy! (paired with Wheel of Fortune 2000, which was not as good, IMO). I got to travel to LA with my dad, they put us up in a hotel and I think they gave my dad a per diem so we could go to Universal Studios and not ride anything (asshole). The game was played for prizes instead of cash, and I was surprised that the two prizes I won (a Discman and a Light Wars Tiger Electronics game) came in the mail a few months afterwards. I used the hell out of that Discman and I wish I still had that Light Wars game because it was actually pretty cool.

Later, in senior year of high school, I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune and won $6,075. We could have won it if the busty teens in position 3 didn’t win a Prize Puzzle (which I still maintain shouldn’t add to your final score, but I’m bitter). As I was in high school, my prize amount seemed impossibly high once I got the check a month after air date (which was 6 months after it taped, so the wait was excruciating). No surprises until tax time, but I managed. When you’re a kid you don’t think about taxes until after you buy a PowerBook and a used Jeep. I was surprised at how shit I was during toss-up puzzles considering I nailed them during practice. And that Pat couldn’t land his final spin on $5,000 to give me a win. C’est la vie.

A year later, me and my stepmom were vacationing in the Philippines (my dad was there too, but he didn’t join us on this adventure) and we wanted to get in the audience for Wowowee, a Filipino daytime game/variety show. At the time, I dyed my hair blond because I was going through a freshman year crisis. We bribed a security guard $20 to get us in line with the expatriates who were on vacation and wanted to see the show. I borrowed someone’s Sharpie and wrote my last name and home town on the back of my shirt and turned it around, so I appeared on international television with my shirt on backwards. After a rousing round of “Sing the song and dance the dance” which I aced, I was brought on stage to partake in a 3-person quickfire trivia question. Winner got 10,000PHP ($200 at the time). My trivia question? “Sa math, what is 5 x 3?” Fast trigger, basic math. I signed a form backstage and they gave me my money right away. As I was leaving, I was mobbed by people (beggars) asking for money. I told everyone I needed the money to get my grandmother’s third eye removed and ran for a taxi.

This summer I was on the Chase on GSN (this year’s best new game show in the US, if I do say so myself). I was a huge fan of the UK version of the show so I was excited when I was called back to fly out to LA and be on the show. I was nervous and wearing out every trivia game I could find on my iPhone because I really really REALLY wanted to win. One thing that stood out to me was how unbelievably annoying this one alternate contestant was, and you can read about his terribleness here. Edit: I didn’t write this, but I experienced his assholery first-hand and this article is spot on. The other thing you can do is watch how my team kicked ass here.

AMA, I guess. lol

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Light Wars!

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Game show winners of Reddit, can you describe your experience?

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