Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds, Western Region


Introduced in 1977 and completely revised in 1994, these bestselling photographic field guides have become the birding bibles of more than four million enthusiasts. Virtually every bird found in North America is brought to life in a full-color photograph and with textual information on the bird’s voice, nesting habits, habitat, range, and interesting behaviors. Accompanying range maps; overhead flight silhouettes; sections on bird-watching, accidental species, and endangered birds make these …

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I said no more pictures motherfucker(r/pics)

Well there is Falco peregrinus or Peregrine Falcon. One of my favorites because of its history, there was a point in time where only royalty was allowed to handle these birds, also they are used heavily in cities to keep pigeon populations ubder control. Motherfucking contract killer if birds. The other would be Pandion haliaetus or Osprey, this birds are endlessly facsinating, they have a wrist like segment on their wings which allows them to completely submerge themselves and yet be able to fly out of the water, something the Bald Eagle cannot do. Their talons also clamp onto their prey and they actually position the fish so that they can fly more aerodynamically. Because their talons clamp down and cannot be undone until they land if an Osprey misjudges its prey and it is to heavy to pull out the Osprey will stay underwater and die. I guess I might have gone a bit long on this.

Edit: Thanks for the Reddit Gold you two mysterious redditors!. I never knew my love of birds could get me free stuff.

I am also using this opportunity to encourage everyone to pick up an Audubon Filed Guide, these are awesome little wealth’s of knowlegde and I encourage everyone to pick one up and keep it handy for when you are out and about.

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National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds, Western Region

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I said no more pictures motherfucker

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