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SpaceX promise to revolutionise space exploration and provide everyone the means to travel to new worlds. This is their story, all they have accomplished so far as they inexorably open the high frontier. How they survived perilous straits to emerge as the most popular, innovative and influential launch company in the world. SpaceX are destined to colonise Mars and developing the technology to make this possible right now. Their Interplanetary Transport System possesses some truly sublime solu…

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Race To Win MCT Launch Site(r/spacex)

If it’s any help here’s source for on orbit refueling:-

>you do a densified liquid methalox rocket with on-orbit refueling, so like you load the spacecraft into orbit and then you send a whole bunch of refueling missions to fill up the tanks and you have the Mars colonial fleet – essentially – that gets built up during the time between Earth-Mars synchronizations

Elon Musk at MIT’s Aero/Astro Centennial also referenced in my SpaceX book.

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