Red Son

Superman: Red Son


What if baby Superman had crashed on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain and grew up to become Stalin’s right-hand man? Alive with historical figures and a host of familiar superheroes, including Batman and Wonder Woman as you’ve never seen them before, this superb graphic novel takes the arms race and infuses it with the thrilling powers of Kryptonite.

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SMBC solves energy problem, temporarily(r/comics)

If this sort of thinking interests you, I’d recommend checking out Red Son by Mark Millar.

It’s an ‘Elseworlds’ story in which baby Kal-El’s ship crashes in the Ukraine instead of Kansas. Superman is taken in by the Soviets and grows up with all the same powers but a Socialist ideology. It shows a whole alternate version of the 20th century and how the rest of the DC Universe changes.

It’s clear that a lot of thought went into it and it’s one of my absolute favorite Superman stories.

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Superman: Red Son

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SMBC solves energy problem, temporarily

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