Building Maximum Muscle for a Lifetime

Supermen: Building Maximum Muscle for a Lifetime


This book presents a weightlifting system for intermediate to advanced weight trainers that maximizes the muscular development of an individual, while creating a complete, balanced and symmetrical physique. This book will save you years of trial-and-error in the gym and provide you with decades of weight training insights. It’s a book for the rest of us-those with average genetics, strong minds and stronger hearts. More significantly, it represents a long-term plan for lifting weights wise…

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What is the most dangerously stupid thing you have ever seen or done in your quest to get fit?(r/Fitness)

Good god, after a quarter century in the gym, I’ve seen just about everything stupid–until you go in for the next workout. Here are just a few “highlights”:

  • One guy repeatedly dropping a 60lb fixed barbell onto another guy’s abs, in order to “work my stomach”.

  • Same guy now asking me to place the 100lb dumbbell in his mouth. Yes, his mouth. He placed a piece of rubber in his mouth, bit down on the dumbbell handle and proceeded to perform “neck curls” with his head hanging off the bench. Said he was a boxer and didn’t want his head to move when he got hit. In reality, his neck was bigger than his head. You can read as much into that as you want.

  • An older fellow (around 50) putting 7 (yes seven) 45s on each side of the Smith Machine, then attempting to “squat” with his heels on a 2×4. After a few inch-like movements the 2×4 spun out from under his heels, he lost his balance and everything came down on him. Absolutely no use of the safety catches there. After the emergency helicopter left, our faces eventually turned back to their normal color.

  • A guy (hey, it never seems to be one of the ladies) lying under the Smith Machine, placing his feet on the bar and performing vertical leg presses. We all just waited for his feet to slip from the bar.

  • A guy just finishing a set of hack squats. Thinking he safely locked the weight into place, he got up and stood in the machine. The weight wasn’t entirely secure in the locked position and his shins found out what it must have been like for Marie Antoinette’s head.

  • Brand new member sits down on the Pec Dec machine right after signing his gym contract. Guy was about 6′ and 150lbs soaking wet. Obviously never performed weight training before. Without checking to see what weight the machine was currently set at and without looking at or reading the machine’s diagram, proceeded to forcefully (he was enthusiastic) bring the machine’s pads together for his first rep. Unfortunately, the selector pin was not in the machine, therefore the current weight was 10lbs. Mistake #1. Mistake #2 was leaning forward at the precise moment he exerted all his energy. The tip of his nose was sheared clean off as the metal bars that the pads attach to slammed together just in front of his face. Ambulance was called promptly. Never saw him again, which lends new meaning to the phrase “first rep, last rep”.

I’m sure many others here have similarly strange and gruesome tales. These things tend to accumulate over time.


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Supermen: Building Maximum Muscle for a Lifetime

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What is the most dangerously stupid thing you have ever seen or done in your quest to get fit?

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