Boyfriend Fantasies: Book 1

The Boyfriend Fantasies: Book 1


Kate’s new boyfriend Stan has no clue she fantasizes so much about sex, but is pleasantly surprised when she starts to share. This 9,888 word book contains three dirty fantasies, all within the love story of Kate and Stan. The Boyfriend Fantasies Book 2 will continue in February! 1: Mr. Smith’s PlaytoyWhile she masturbates, Kate tells Stan her fantasy of being the new executive playtoy trained by elegant Miranda and bubbly Sarah.2: Another Man for You Kate’s fantasy involves two man, one to t…

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What’s a NSFW fact about yourself?(r/AskReddit)

Last winter break at work I was bored because everyone was on vacation and I wrote an erotic novel on google docs that I eventually self-published on Amazon. There were several moments when it was not safe for anyone else to be at work.

Edit: Here it is. I created a 2-day Free Book Promotion and you can read it for free starting tomorrow. Of course it’s a pen name. I don’t work there anymore, so it’s not going to affect me if anyone finds out. I made very little money, but I enjoyed the entire experience of self-publishing and encourage everyone to do it at least once. The people that make money write a lot and publish often. Check out /r/eroticauthors or any of the other writing sites on reddit and elsewhere. Enjoy!

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The Boyfriend Fantasies: Book 1

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What’s a NSFW fact about yourself?

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