C Programming Language

The C Programming Language


How relevant are C/C++ books from 1997?
The computing world has undergone a revolution since the publication of the first edition of the C Programming Language. During this time, the C language has changed and spread beyond its origins as the language of the UNIX operating system. This second edition provides a more comprehensive and contemporary definition of the C language as defined by the ANSI standard_the “ANSI C”. The most striking change relates to the new form of function declaration and definition. It is primarily meant to…

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How relevant are C/C++ books from 1997?(r/worldnews)

The most recommended book on C is K&R which is from ’88 and still relevant.

C++ books from ’97 are going to be next to worthless. See the recommended books list.

Note that C and C++ are rather different languages and you should decide which one you want to learn before setting out.


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The C Programming Language

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How relevant are C/C++ books from 1997?

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