Chord Scale Theory and Jazz Harmony

The Chord Scale Theory and Jazz Harmony


Good websites for studying jazz?
Jazz harmony, as taught at the Berklee College of Music is based on the so called Chord Scale Theory. This method – further developed – is now available as a comprehensive textbook for the first time. Emerged from practice and designed for practical use, it provides theoretical knowledge necessary for improvisation, composing, and arranging.

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Top rated Music books on Reddit rank no. 83

Good websites for studying jazz?(r/Jazz)

Learn how to use google site search to search those forums for topics that you’re currently working on. – use the lessons and exercises because you have to know the basics of reading and memorize the key signatures, etc.

I urge you to check out Hal Galper and Mike Longo’s books/videos. They are at the forefront of Jazz Education and their material is a rite of passage for beginning jazz musicians.

Here’s a playlist of Galper’s masterclass videos:…

The best general jazz chord-scale theory text I’ve seen (I’ve seen them all) is probably the Berklee book,
Chord Scale Theory and Jazz Harmony;
However, even better would be the Bert Ligon books, because they go into more detail about how to actually put it into practice:
Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony
Jazz Theory Resources Volume 1
Jazz Theory Resources Volume 2
Comprehensive Technique for Jazz Musicians

P.S. this subreddit is geared more towards jazz listeners and may not have that many musicians.


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The Chord Scale Theory and Jazz Harmony

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Good websites for studying jazz?

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