Inner Game of Music

The Inner Game of Music


Self learning the piano, when a teacher is impossible.
The battle that many musicians, of whatever level, have to face is an inner one – against nervousness, self-doubt and fear of failure. In this highly successful book, first published by Pan in 1987, musician Barry Green explains the basic principles of ‘natural learning’ that make up the Inner Game methodology, and shows how to apply them to reach a new level in the learning and performing of music. With special features on ensemble playing, improvisation and listening skills, and with exerci…

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Self learning the piano, when a teacher is impossible.(r/piano)

It sounds like your mind is really getting in the way and distracting you.

I would suggest you need to think a little about how you approach guitar and music, essentially learning how to let go and trust what you are doing (this isnt a conscious thing you can manipulate directly, more of a mind state / sub-conscious thing you need to develop mental tricks to manipulate).

I’ve found in the past few years self reflection on your approach to music, the guitar, and even life can have a great effect on the quality of the music you produce and I will extend that into performance.

So I think it is a worthy thing to look into, I’m reading all the books I can find on this just on my daily commutes to work, it was free / wasted time that has become really quite productive.

So currently I’m reading a book called the Inner game of music it maybe of interest as it does spend some time on these issues. How performance is your potential minus interference like you are describing, it goes on to come up with some mantra’s to reduce that interference.

The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music is an awesome book, it lays down some fundemental core skills / ethos / approach to music, having these fundementals strong in your approach means its harder to get distracted and it takes less effort to do music which enables you to think more about the playing going on.

Art of practicing goes though alot about practicing and ties it into performing.

Managing Your Head and Body So You Can Become a Good Musician: The Psychology of Musical Competence. I have not read this book yet, its quite small, bought it because the title sounded interesting.

There are many good books as well about approach to songwriting, mixing etc as well. They are so much better than the more technical how to type books you get (berklee ones, How to write songs, Guitar Chords and Scales etc) as they talk you through a process and introduce technical ideas you can look into on the side, rather than leaving you in a sea of techniques/knowledge without a paddle.


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Self learning the piano, when a teacher is impossible.

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