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The Last Navigator


Nonfiction account of a young American man’s sojourn in the South Pacific, on the Micronesian island of Satawal in the Caroline archipelago, studying traditional navigation with Mau Piailug, the last of the palus. It was Piailug who navigated a Polynesian vessel from Hawaii to Tahiti without compass or charts, as documented by a PBS film of the voyage. Thomas learns how to navigate by stars, wind, swell, birds, and memory. It is a story of seafaring, a dying culture, and self-discovery.

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This is a fascinating book about Micronesians who navigate primarily based on the waves and currents.

I work as a boat captain and navigation without charts has always fascinated me. One of my friends told me a story about how he was sailing with a dude who would taste the mud every time they set anchor to determine their location. My friend decided to prank/test him by saving mud from Spain and putting it on the anchor when they were in Italy. This dude tasted the mud and started flipping out and asking why they went back to Spain.

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