Little Schemer - 4th Edition

The Little Schemer – 4th Edition


Good resource to learn scheme?
The notion that “thinking about computing is one of the most exciting things the human mind can do” sets both The Little Schemer (formerly known as The Little LISPer) and its new companion volume, The Seasoned Schemer, apart from other books on LISP. The authors’ enthusiasm for their subject is compelling as they present abstract concepts in a humorous and easy-to-grasp fashion. Together, these books will open new doors of thought to anyone who wants to find out what computing is really ab…

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Good resource to learn scheme?(r/compsci)

No, no, no. I knew people would recommend SICP. It’s a great book, but it’s not for learning scheme–it just happens to use scheme in order to illustrate larger points about computer science, the design of language, etc. It’s definitely not for beginners.

For scheme itself, stick to:

The Scheme Programmig Language, 4e or How to Design Programs

Now, those are about the language itself, but if you’re having trouble conceptualizing, I would recommend shelling out to buy:

The Little Schemer


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The Little Schemer – 4th Edition

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Good resource to learn scheme?

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