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You guys. THIS is why we learn our triads.
(Piano). This cutting-edge keyboard method is a total step-by-step approach to creating keyboard parts spontaneously. Rhythmic and harmonic concepts are applied in all keys, and are then used as a basis for developing specific solutions in rock, pop, ballad, funk, new age, country and gospel styles. Endorsed by Grammy winners, top educators, and Keyboard magazine.

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You guys. THIS is why we learn our triads.(r/piano)

The funk chapters from this book are a good starting place. In general the whole book is good for actually understanding what you’re doing and what’s happening in various styles of music. Not only do you realize how the same everything is and how much everything borrows from everything else, but, if there’s something you don’t get, thinking through it in this structured way lets you deconstruct things you listen to and make them into something actionable.

I’ll admit that this particular example is pretty complex, but I definitely recognized some tricks that I’ve picked up over the years and anything I thought was cool and out there, I could mostly pick apart and figure out what was going on functionally so I could put it to use. Heck, I’ve done the same thing stealing licks from Kyle Landry.

This type of video would actually be great almost for that purpose if it wasn’t so damned frenetic. I keep toying with the idea of tearing apart these types of videos into smaller pieces and tutorializing what’s going on. Not just “This is how you play this by copying my fingers” like too many Youtube channels, but actually explaining what’s going on so you can put it to use. Some of the flashiest stuff out there is actually fundamentally simple. I keep waiting for large chunks of free time and they are never available. Maybe the gigs will slow down a tad in the summer.


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The Pop Piano Book

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You guys. THIS is why we learn our triads.

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