Privileged Sex

The Privileged Sex


Villainization, oppression, and placation
Ever since Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique back in 1963, all of us have been told that women are discriminated against, oppressed, exploited, and abused by men. The barrage of accusations is intense, relentless, and seems to have neither beginning nor end. But are the charges true? Do women really have a worse time of it than men? This volume, one of the very few in any language, takes on these questions head on. Roaming far and wide, it examines many aspects of the problem as i…

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Villainization, oppression, and placation(r/MensRights)

Men are clearly the “oppressed” sex when you look at quality of life indicators or even just the likelihood of staying alive. This is true now and it was true a thousand years ago. Military historian Martin Van Crevelt went so far as to claim that women have always been the privileged sex. This is debatable, but it is certainly true that on average, women have always had more safe, comfortable lives than men.

Today, there is simply no contest. It isn’t just the demonizing of male sexuality, males are now “institutionally oppressed” at every single level: schools, universities, the workplace, criminal courts, family courts, media representation, state funding etc. etc. Most MRA’s don’t like using the word “oppression” because they are accustomed to hearing it from spoiled brats upset over fat-shaming and manspreading, but in reality it simply means cruel or unjust treatment.

The problem does not lie with women (although to the extent that women enable or support anti-male laws and culture they deserve blame and condemnation). From an institutional perspective the problem lies with the male feminists and gynocentric tradcucks, without whom feminism would never have gotten off the ground, let alone dominate society.


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The Privileged Sex

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Villainization, oppression, and placation

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