Promise She Made

The Promise She Made


Is the grass really greener on the other side?It’s something Evelyn Barnes asks every day as her relationship with Liam, her boyfriend, sinks further into mundanity. And it’s a question to which she desperately seeks an answer. So when the chance to get what she wants presents itself, Evelyn has little choice but to grab it with both hands.An opportunity in the form of LoveBite, an obscure piece of bleeding-edge technology with potential to revolutionise human interaction and transform societ…

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[WP]You are a serial killer who taunts the police through one-star Amazon product reviews.(r/WritingPrompts)

“30 of 30 people found this review helpful. Who are these sickos?”

Adam still didn’t know why people adored his reviews so much. His latest, for a disposable coverall boiler suit (in blue of course), had gone down a storm.

Useless piece of rubbish. Rips easily so not good if you need to move around plenty. Also doesn’t keep blood out! My clothes were covered in the victim’s red liquid. Ruined! Don’t use this for big jobs. One star. Lucky to get that frankly.

He figured that readers loved his opinions because he was the only person who had the guts to ‘say it like it is’. In a world of faint praise, someone had to tell the truth and cut through the bull.

“May as well be me,” he thought. “Now then, time for a new gas mask. Ooh this one looks freaky.”


Adam threw the blood-splattered mask in the waste paper bin and got ready to smash his fingers into the keyboard once more. He was breathing heavily and frantically clicking his knuckles.

“They’re really gonna get it this time. Doesn’t anyone make anything decent these days? Argh, more money wasted. These things ain’t cheap.”

He opened his recent emails and clicked the one from Amazon.

“Does the product meet your expectations? Rate and Review Purchases.”

“No it bloody doesn’t,” he growled at the screen, before starting to type.

Look guys, don’t waste your time with this. It only warrants the name gas mask because it stinks! I met with three clients yesterday – three! – and all they did was laugh as I did ’em in. If you want to be taken seriously, look elsewhere. Thought this one would be scary but guess I was wrong. One star – again!

He hit submit and sat back. He felt his anger gradually slide away, out through his feet and onto the floor.

“Am I bad person? I mean, all I ever do is leave bad reviews,” Adam thought. “Maybe I should be more considerate. Or offer feedback. Yeah, I could do that. At least that would be constructive. Okay, from now on, that’s what I’m gonna do. That’s a positive change.”

He took a deep breath and smiled, before grabbing the hammer and smearing blood over his face.

“Right, better clean this.”

I hope you liked reading my take on this prompt.

If you did, why not check out my novel, The promise she made. Thanks 🙂

Or if you have any feedback I’d love to hear it.

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[WP]You are a serial killer who taunts the police through one-star Amazon product reviews.

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