Social Construction of What?

The Social Construction of What?


Every French Postmodernist EVER
Lost in the raging debate over the validity of social construction is the question of what, precisely, is being constructed. Facts, gender, quarks, reality? Is it a person? An object? An idea? A theory? Each entails a different notion of social construction, Ian Hacking reminds us. His book explores an array of examples to reveal the deep issues underlying contentious accounts of reality.Especially troublesome in this dispute is the status of the natural sciences, and this is where Hacking fi… more about book…

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Every French Postmodernist EVER(r/philosophy)

In my view, it was a series of mutual misunderstandings between philosophers, literary critics, and scientists, with each side mostly arguing against strawmen. I like this book on the topic.


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The Social Construction of What?

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Every French Postmodernist EVER

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