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[Spoilers] Overlord – Episode 13 – FINAL [Discussion](r/anime)

I’d like Albedo to Touch Me, if you know what I mean.

This episode adapts:

Light Novel: Volume 3 (Chapter 5 + Epilogue) + Chapter 4 (mentioned) + Chapter 5 Prologue (briefly) + Volume 8 (Possibly)

Want to support the LN? Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 are right here!

Want to know the read order for the currently translated volumes? Volume 1–> Volume 2—> Volume 3—> Drama CD 1—> Volume 4 —>Drama CD 2–> Drama CD 2 (Preview)–> Volume 8 (Will be translated by Novemberish)–>Volume 5–> Volume 6 (completed translation and hands down, the best in the series so far)—>Volume 7–>Volume 9 (Will be Translated by Januaryish)

Where can I find the fan translation? Well I can’t give you the exact direction but normally if you were to google search Overlord LN, then the best result is normally the first one. This is normally the case and normally the ideal choice. Normal.

The first couple of chapters are written poorly/are boring/etc. Do I have to read from the very beginning?: Well the first couple of chapters weren’t done by the main translator’s team at first so the quality improves immensely as the chapters move on. The first arc was a decent-enough adaptation with world-building being the only main thing that was cut out and the second arc was a good adaption with small scenes being edited or changed. If you’d rather not go through all of that, then start from Volume 3.

Final Weekly Comparison Go!

As expected of Ainz-sama: Everything was literally within his calculations. Suzuki (Ainz real-life persona) is described as someone who can, with enough sufficient time and preparation, create an excellent report or presentation on whatever he’s asked of. This translates well into the new world he is in. Given his intimate knowledge of Shalltear, he had developed an excellent plan to wipe her out. However, he miscalculates a couple of things, such as him thinking she would use Analyze Life to look at his health to which he prepared a counter-spell.

Shalltear panics: It was great seeing Shalltear panic. She undergoes an inner crisis (of the non-underwear variety) and is unable to fathom the situation that has changed.

Touch Me is a White Knight with his armor: Among an elite class of 9 items is the World Champion armor which can only be received by winning a “martial arts” tournament. It has impeccable defense that can even rival guild weapons. Though it can only be warn by the World Champion themselves, Ainz’s “Perfect Warrior” allows him to bypass and the class restriction and equip it.

Cocytus is irritated: Cocytus was made as the warrior to end all warriors. Therefore, he finds it just a tad bit upsetting that Ainz was using items that belong to the most elite of warriors.

Ainz is more skillful with his attacks: Though not explicitly shown in the anime, his increase in combat performance is attributed to his battle with Clementine. However, his fight with Shalltear is the one that most consumed the most cash items, even during his Yggdrasil days.

Costing Shalltear’s arm: Shalltear sacrificed her arm for the sake of creating an opening.

How do those little sticks work?: Magic. All that’s really known is that when Ainz breaks one, the weapon he was using returns to where it originally was (The Mausoleum) and the next weapon comes out. It’s a one-time use cash item it looks like. It also doesn’t help Shalltear that she, along with the other guardians, know very little of the signature weapons of their Supreme Beings, since they rarely brought it out to battle.

Pipette Lance: It’s called Spruit Lance….I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Bukubukubuku-sama: It means Simmering Teapot apparently. Pero’s sister.

Why didn’t he activate the hourglass immediately: Hesitation for killing his best friend’s creation. I’m glad Madhouse tried to convey this by show, don’t tell. The hourglass is a cash item that negates the prep time needed to activate Super-level magic.

What the hell was the floating eye thing: One of Aura’s abilities.

Shalltear’s final moments: “Her throat too, dried up and— no, whether or not her throat had yet to finish burning— it was difficult to speak. However, these words alone, she had to say no matter what. Gathering all of what was left of her life, of the existence known as Shalltear Bloodfallen, she spoke.

“…….Ahhhh, Long live Ainz Ooal Gown–sama. You are supreme, truly the strongest existence in all of Nazarick.”

Towards the strongest leader of the 41 Supreme Beings, she expressed her heartfelt respect. As if the wave of heat had burned away her fetters, while her body could no longer move, her heart felt very light.

At the same time, within her fading consciousness, she recalled the appearance of a figure that should not have been there. It was the one who had cut a path of light through the darkness in order to achieve this outcome.

Normally, undead are immune to all mental effects. However, there was a method that held the same power, despite not being considered as a mental effect. That person used such a method.

Shalltear simply smiled as she said:

“……. Brat.”

And with a satisfied expression, Shalltear completely vanished into the white world.”

Ainz allows the Guardians to fight her just in case: He feels regret over the whole event and feels even worse that he could allow the Guardians to fight each other. The whole reason he didn’t send them out in the first place was because he didn’t want the guild’s “children” fighting each other.

It would get lonely if no one was here: A nice little moment of reflection that he’s all alone. The panning of the camera to the flags of his guild members was a nice touch.

PA and the maids appearance in the throne room (Anime-original): It’s never explicitly stated that PA and the maids were there as well but they were ordered in episode 11 to move the gold to the throne room. It’s not all that bad though since PA can turn into a form that acts as a hard counter to Shalltear (essentially whatever she’s weak against) so having him there, although somewhat anime original, is perfectly logical and even improves on the scene.

500 million gold=Shalltear’s resurrection: Actually, it’s described as being far more than what he needed. He probably did it just to be on the safe side though. He wasn’t sure how the techniques differ from the game and the New World (this becomes semi-significant in future volumes)

Ainz checks her out (Not Adapted): When she’s back and naked, he inadvertently checks to see if her lawn is cut out there. Albedo’s reaction is as expected.

She doesn’t remember much: I mentioned this before but altering memories, even a short amount, costs a great amount of mana. Ainz is shocked that there exists something that can wipe her memory from up to five days.

Ainz feels loneliness: Looking at the guardians being playful, he believes he could never join them as he would with his guildmates since they would just “assume a stance of loyalty” if he were to approach them. Albedo sees through this and reaches out to him.

Ainz lies to Mare: This was done simply to demonstrate what his explanation would be to the Adventurer’s Guild over what happened in the forest.

Momon is the Dark Hero: When he went back to the guild after his battle with Shalltear, he returned with scorch marks, claw marks, dented parts, and everything else that signifies an intense battle. Of course, these dents were provided by Nazarick’s blacksmith. Naturally, the guild worked quickly to restore it to optimal condition.

Final Thoughts: Trying to look at the anime alone, I’d say that it’s good but not very good. Pacing issues become evident and leave many questions during the last four episodes as well as underutilizing characters. There were a few animation issues but none that are too overly noticeable (to me at least). Characterization of Ainz and Demiurge as well as a couple of other characters was good, Albedo was ok but most other characters suffer from the large cast list and lose out on any real development. That’s me trying to look at it alone. As an adaption, 8/10 for the first arc with some minor world-building and character background cut out, 8/10 for Volume 2, and 5/10 for Volume 3. So overall, 7/10 Adaptation.

I’d suggest picking up at Volume 3 if you don’t want to pick it up all the way. Note, however, that many of the volumes moving forward follow an odd formula of focusing on its characters that may throw you off. It’s been a joy hanging with you all! I’d like to give thanks for /u/aruseus493, who churns this stuff out for many more series than I. So I tried to follow in his footsteps. Still, I can’t say I’ll do this again since Overlord was a real spur of the moment type thing. Maybe I’ll pop back again for Gifting which airs in January or for the fourth season of DxD. I hope I encouraged at least some of you to read the LNs. Now what to do with all my Overlord fanart, screenshot, gifs, stitches, and renders…

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