A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy

Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy


[Help] Getting into Philosophy
This is a book about the big questions in life: knowledge, consciousness, fate, God, truth, goodness, justice. It is for anyone who believes there are big questions out there, but does not know how to approach them. Think sets out to explain what they are and why they are important. Simon Blackburn begins by putting forward a convincing case for the study of philosophy and goes on to give the reader a sense of how the great historical figures such as Descartes, Hume, Kant, and Wittgenstein ha… more about book…

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[Help] Getting into Philosophy(r/philosophy)

Well, the first tip I have is that, if you’re just starting out in philosophy, and you want to actually understand what you’re reading, don’t start out with Nietzsche. Even though much of what he says may seem relatively straight-forward on the surface (as opposed to someone like Hegel) he’s one of the most difficult philosophers Western Philosophy.

I’m not sure what you’re reading by Russell. He has written things aimed at a general audience, such as Problems of Philosophy, which shouldn’t be too difficult to understand if read carefully. However, he’s also written highly technical academic works for professionals in the field such as the Principia Mathematica which would be extremely difficult for someone with no background in philosophy.

I’d recommend a general introduction to philosophy like Simon Blackburn’s Think which is highly readable, and introduces several main ideas in philosophy. For an overview of primary sources, I’d reccomend an anthology like Introducing Philosophy by Robert C. Solomon, which organizes works by themes and provides helpful commentary.


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Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy

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