Like an Anthropologist: A Practical Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Thinking Like an Anthropologist: A Practical Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


This exciting new text teases out the common core of the cultural anthropological way of thinking, makes it explicit in a set of eleven questions, and uses those questions to enhance learning. Each question receives treatment in a brief chapter, accompanied by several exercises and classroom demonstrations. The textbook is intended to be accompanied by―and applied to―a reader, a few ethnographies, or a monograph with topical focus such as language, globalization, technology, art, or gender. …

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A collection of my favorite pics from the past year(r/pics)

I was curious about most of these as I hadn’t seen some and wanted to know more about them, so I’ve started a list with the sources/relevant links if anyone else is interested. It’s gonna take me a bit, but here is the first 20:

  1. Tiananmen Tank Man
  2. Tim Hetherington, killed by Libyan forces
  3. Alvaro Munera
  4. Too Many Humans (no idea)
  5. Ashley Edens
  6. Freediving with Dolphins
  7. Not sure of source.
  8. Culture Clash
  9. Society Destroyed
  10. Still searching for source.
  11. Kai Tak
  12. Tim Kemple
  13. Butterfly Tree
  14. Enter The Void
  15. SS Endeavour
  16. The Wilderness Gallery
  17. Cloudy Day in Dubai, searching for source.
  18. Curious George
  19. Redditor’s friend takes foxy pictures
  20. Snowboarding above the clouds, searching for source.
  21. Hypersaturated Moon
  22. Need source
  23. Thinking Like An Anthropologist
  24. Skydiving In A Cloud
  25. Redditor’s teacher friend uploads picture of children & space shuttle
  26. Man on Eiger Peak, unknown source.
  27. Caitlin Curran
  28. Egypt’s overthrow
  29. Tyler Chorlton
  30. Labrador Current
  31. White Wolf Pack, unknown source.
  32. Redditor’s friend took a picture of his wife in a canoe
  33. Cavern of Crystal Giants
  34. Middle Finger Skydiving
  35. Skydiving Salute
  36. Lava Tube Cave
  37. Elephants on a beach
  38. Breezewood, PA
  39. seeking source
  40. Looking Up
  41. Kelp Forest
  42. Earth Rise from Apollo 8
  43. Cuddly Parrot
  44. Dave Lehl
  45. Man Carrying A Dog *I can’t find the source yet but as far as I know this is from the flooding in Bangkok?
  46. Controversial Picture of Protests in Spain
  47. Boy Riding a Shark
  48. Looking for sources
  49. Protests in Romania
  50. Autumn Day At The Appalachains
  51. Livestock Fair
  52. Heaven On Earth
  53. Sunshine
  54. Off The Grid
  55. Syrian War
  56. Syrian War
  57. Need Source
  58. A Puppy and his cow
  59. A Girl & Her Lamb
  60. Vancouver Riot Kissing Couple
  61. Sam The Koala
  62. Terri Gurrola
  63. IDF Soldier & a Dog
  64. South Sudan, A New Nation Rises
  65. Lions Cuddle
  66. Unknown Source
  67. Aurora Borealis from space
  68. Girl Sleeping
  69. A Soldier & His Cat
  70. Oh Deer
  71. Deep In The Forest
  72. Northern Gannets
  73. Need Source
  74. Unknown Source…(sorry for the earlier post, I got distracted when I looked for the source and wound up on Christian the Lion and transposed it!)
  75. Earth From Space
  76. Northern Lights Over The Atlantic
  77. Unknown Source
  78. Unknown Source
  79. Cherepovets, Russia
  80. Monk Prays Over Dead Man
  81. Unknown Source
  82. Soldier accepts flower from Iraqi
  83. Unknown Source
  84. Still an Unknown Source
  85. KKK Member being treated by an all black staff
  86. Spooning Soldiers
  87. Unknown Source
  88. “The pictures of the plants covering everything is pictures taken by UGA of the kudzu plant native to korea, originally brought to the US to control soil, it now has the ability to kill forests. The random parts sticking up are dead trees. Driving down the highway in Georgia, you see this everywhere.” – /u/ultranoodles
  89. See #88
  90. See #88
  91. Unknown
  92. La Jeune Fille a la Fleur
  93. Palestinian Girl Interrupted
  94. hardlngush
  95. Little Girl In Pink – panaceator
  96. unknown
  97. Milky Way
  98. Extreme Photography
  99. First time daddy sees his 3 week old.
  100. Yatpay, reply #69
  101. Puyehue Volcano Erupts
  102. Searching for actual source
  103. Nuclear Reactor @ McMaster University – /u/brownrd2
  104. Timber wolves cuddling
  105. War Dogs
  106. Astronaut’s self portrait
  107. Cat Gang
  108. Pendulum
  109. Ocean Trash Becomes New Home
  110. Dinka
  111. Israel & Hamas conflict
  112. Flowers In Tokyo
  113. Afghan Girl & Soldier
  114. Unknown Source
  115. Woman on Railway in Dhaka
  116. Mount Hua
  117. Unknown Source
  118. Vladimir Zotov
  119. UN Air Strikes
  120. Jose Sarrablo
  121. Urban Foxes (unknown source)
  122. Flower March in Oslo
  123. Unknown Source
  124. Rainbow Over Mt. Everest
  125. Icelandic Volcano
  126. Duck Crossing
  127. Waterfall Island
  128. Meet Thunder
  129. Reindeer Farm
  130. Unknown Source
  131. Unknown Source
  132. Unknown Source
  133. Officer Uses Baton on Activist
  134. Art Of Flight
  135. Unknown Source
  136. Unknown Source
  137. Majestic Lion
  138. Joseph Kittinger
  139. Unknown Source

ETA: I’m almost done with the initial list but I wanted to say thank you for the motivation (this helped me get through a long, boring night before a medical procedure haha) and thank you dearly for the reddit gold.

edit 2: If you know any of the sources for ones I missed or made a mistake on, please include the # when you post about it or if it’s easier PM me with the # as the subject line!

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A collection of my favorite pics from the past year

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